3D Selections

3D Selections Online

Let clients visualise selections on their own, unique 3D home design.

Stunning, interactive 3D created directly from your working drawings. Clients can fully understand their home, inside and outside — and from any angle. Accessible anywhere.

Constructive 3D Selections multidevice
Constructive Internal 3d selections

A next-level, interactive experience.

Give clients the power to instantly visualise design ideas on their own home in real-time. Colour and material combinations can be changed with a simple click or tap and instantly visualised in context.


No expensive CAD costs.

3D Selections are created for each client via existing working drawings you already produce.
A fraction of the cost of a traditional, static render.

house builder 3d render interactive selections
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constructive builder software online 3d selections

Reduce variations.

Boost client confidence.
3D Selections helps clients make informed, visual decisions — and stick with them!


Part of Online Selections.

As clients visualise their decisions with interactive 3D, Constructive seamlessly records their selections in real-time.

constructive software builder texture and item library

Leverage our comprehensive material and texture library.

Building on our massive Online Selections library, Constructive has thousands of render textures for residential building industry products ready to go.

“It used to be so hard to show our clients where colours were going on their visuals — most couldn’t visualise it. 3D Selections is a great visual aid,  giving clients a better customer experience!”

Interactive Selections Online — in stunning 3D!

Revolutionise your Selections process.

Get ahead of the competition by offering your clients interactive Online Selections with Internal and External 3D visualisation.

5 reasons builders should get on board with 3D Selections

In this ultimate guide, we’ll walk you through some expert tips for creating your digital showroom so your clients can make their Selections anytime, anywhere!

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Creating a seamless online/offline selections showroom

An interactive, 3D visualisation tool in your online showroom will let your clients try out colour and material choices on their unique home externals, kitchens, bathrooms, ensuites and laundries, and is fast becoming an expected feature.

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Simplifying the process with Online Selections

Taking Selections online can help guide clients through the process efficiently — and with confidence.

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