Constructive Intelligence Analytics update 1.6

Intelligence 1.6 — Price Overrides and Price Configuration

all prices configuration

Features: Price Overrides, Price Configuration

Intelligence 1.6 features two new pages:

Price Overrides, useful to identify items whose price is regularly overridden, (to a dollar figure or to standard), and may need their price configuration updated.

Price Configuration, allowing you to view, filter and export price configuration.

These pages will give you greater insight into the pricing manually entered during Selections and old pricing requiring updates. If any duplicate pricing exists, Constructive automatically alerts you via email.

We’ve also added an Overall NPS card to the NPS page and updated the Engagement page with a new date range filter to allow you to filter Page Views by Progress Completion and Module.

1. NEW Price Overrides

The new Price Overridden table highlights items that have been most often overridden to a dollar figure when selected.

price overridden table

Hover over a row in the table to see a tree map distribution of the override prices.

tree map

The Overridden to Standard table highlights items which have been most often overridden to $0 when selected.

overridden to standard table

Right-click in either table to drill through to the override selection detail.

drill through

2. NEW Price Configuration

View, filter and export price configuration. Hover over a row in a table to see the Template Selections the item appears in.

There are three views of price configuration available:

  • All Prices – Displays all current price configuration.
  • Duplicate Prices – Current item price entries where there is one or more identically configured price entry. Ideally, there should be no two price entries for an item with the same Business Unit, Brand, Region, Dimension Type and House Type combination.
  • Aged Prices – Current prices sorted by the number of months since they were last updated. Use the Price Age Months filter to view prices older than a specified number of months.

3. Other Updates

NPS page: Now features an overall NPS card.

Engagement page: We’ve added a Page View date range filter to allow you to filter Page Views by Progress Completion and Module.

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Constructive Intelligence Analytics update 5.20

Constructive 5.20 — Price Override with Text, Saving Check, Multiple Reply To Email Addresses

1. Selections — Price override with text
Previously, price overrides displayed a dollar value. You now have greater flexibility to create a price override containing your own, custom text.

price override with custom text

2. Job and Selection Templates — Saving check
When making changes to Job and Selection Templates, you’ll now be notified when another user has made changes concurrently and saved before you, ensuring you don’t erase their recently saved work.

selection template already updated dialogue box message

3. Messaging — Multiple Reply To email addresses
Clients can now set up multiple email addresses within their account settings. This means when you reply to a client’s message, your reply will be emailed to all the addresses listed in the client’s account.

4. User interface enhancements

  • When you’re using Constructive from a mobile device, you can now easily switch between Admin View and Client View via the hamburger menu.
    client view admin view easy switch
  • Within Selections, various user interface enhancements have been made in Simple View.

5. Bug Fixes

  • 3D Model Editing Screen — You can now add 3D objects in Safari; shape highlight and selection, (when the object is in a group of nested objects), are now fixed.
  • Job Listing — When the unit number is blank, a child job no longer shows its own Job Number in the greyed-out section below.
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Constructive Intelligence Analytics Update 5.19

Constructive 5.19 – Item Documents, Selections Report Improvement

1. Item Documents — Attachment icon
When an item contains an attached document — such as a product brochure or a specification, an attachment icon now appears in the top left-hand corner.

item document attachment

2. Reporting — Selections Report improvement
Previously, when de-selecting a choice on a template with pre-selections, the item would still appear within the reporting paperwork. Now, if you de-select a choice that item will no longer appear in the report.

3. Bug fixes
House Type Areas Order now retains correct order after saving.
Job Listing — Selections now show as loaded on child jobs.
Internal 3D — Mirrors now obey displacement of model in client view.
Emails — Test setting is now the same as production.

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Constructive Intelligence Analytics Update 1.5.2

Intelligence 1.5.2 — New Online Engagement KPIs

With the release of Intelligence 1.5.2, we’re bringing you some new Online Engagement KPIs to help you track the number of emails and client visits per job over the last seven days.

Online Engagement KPIs provide data insights to map your competitive position next to other builders using Constructive, as well as tracking how this position changes over time. You can use this as a tool to benchmark your online engagement, set goals and identify opportunities to improve your position with our expert tips on how to increase Notifications and Client Visits per job, (linked next to each KPI within the table).

We’ve also added two columns to the Job Details table to help you uncover more data around when clients are logging into their Portal.

1. Online Engagement Key Performance Indicators Additions

Notifications per Job Last 7 Days
Reports the average number of emails per job in the last seven days. Restricted to Sales, Preconstruction and Construction Jobs.

Client Visits per Job Last 7 Days
Reports the average number of days the client logged in per job in the last seven days. Restricted to Sales, Preconstruction and Construction Jobs.

constructive intelligence new online kpis screenshot

2. Job Details Table Additions

Total Logins (days)
Shows the total number of days the client has logged into their Customer Portal.

Logins Last 7 Days
Shows the number of days the client has logged in to their Customer Portal in the last seven days.

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Constructive Intelligence Analytics update 1.5

Intelligence 1.5 — Online Engagement KPIs

Intelligence 1.5 focuses on Online Engagement KPIs, helping you identify how you’re tracking related to other builders using Constructive. This new page will help you understand where you’re improving and excelling over time, plus our expert tips explain exactly how you can improve your ranking within each metric.

1. NEW Online Engagement Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Page

KPIs Ranking
View the following metrics and assess where you sit — both overall, and within each KPI — across builders using Constructive.

  • Client Registration Rate
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Survey Response Rate
  • Jobs with Selections Loaded
  • Selections Jobs with 3D Model
  • Photos per Job
  • Documents per Job
online engagement kpis ranking constructive intelligence

Ranking History
Hover over an individual KPI to see the recent change and history, (earliest available history from 6 April 2022).

online engagement kpis ranking over time constructive intelligence

The tips column contains links to best practise, expert recommendations to improve your rankings for each KPI.

2. Job Details

Has 3D
Flags if a 3D model has been loaded to the job.

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Constructive Intelligence Analytics Update 1.4.1

Intelligence 1.4.1 — Top Choice Groups, Top Selection Groups by Upgrade %

This release focuses on the two new report pages: Top Choice Groups and Top Selection Groups by Upgrade %, helping you see a clear picture of what clients are selecting. Intelligence makes it easier to monitor trends so you can transform your data into business improvements and negotiate pricing with suppliers. Also in this release are two key column additions to existing pages: Total Variation Cost added to Job Details and Selection Made by added to Selection Detail.

1. NEW Report pages

Top Choice Groups
Similar to the existing Top Item Choices, this new page shows Selection Choice Count by Choice Group.

Top Selection Groups by Upgrade %
This new page displays Selection Groups by the percentage rate of upgrades selected.

top choice groups

2. Existing pages additions and improvements

Job Details
Total Variation Cost has been added to the Job Details table. This is the sum of Total Cost for selections made on the job.

Selection Detail
We have re-ordered some of the columns and added a new column: Selection Made By.

top item choices table

The column Prestart Meeting Completed On has been renamed to Selection Appointment Completed On throughout the report.

Top Item Choices
We’ve added an additional filter: Item Name – Id, as well as a new Table View button. Here you can see the Top Item Choices with detail of the Template, Selection Group, Selection and Choice Group.

Items with no Choices
We’ve added the following columns: TemplateSelection GroupSelectionChoice Group and Dimension Type

Previously, the table displayed a distinct list of items with no choices within the filters applied. The table now shows items with no choices within each template and selection they appear on.

This means items that appear in multiple selections will appear in the table once per selection (where it has no choices within the applied filters). For instance, if item A has a selection made in template selection 1 and no selections for template selection 2, item A will display in the table for selection 2.

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Constructive Intelligence Analytics Update 1.4

Intelligence 1.4 – Job Details Filtering

This release focuses on the new capability to filter by Progress Milestones when generating Selections reports. A selection of new Progress filters have been added to help you monitor trends and optimise operations to manage any delays.

1. Job Details Page

Job Details is now accessible directly from the Pages menu (as well as remaining as a drill-through from the Engagement and Jobs pages).

2. Job Details: New Filters

Empower yourself with deeper information on job progress within certain periods of time. Use these new filters in combination to display jobs within a Progress Item range.

progress items filters
  • A new Progress Item Complete filter allows you to limit results to jobs which have a completed date for the selected Progress Item(s).
  • Limit the completed date range for item(s) selected in the Progress Item Complete filter by further filtering with Progress Item Complete Date.
  • The Progress Item Incomplete filter allows you to limit to jobs which do not have a completed date for the selected Progress Item(s).

For instance, setting Progress Item Complete to Selections and Progress Item Incomplete to Lockup will show you all jobs that have completed Selections, but not Lockup. You might then add a date restriction to show Selections completed in a specific date range with the Progress Item Complete Date filter.

3. Job Details: Selection Detail

You can now right-click on a row in the table to drill-through to the Selection Detail for the job. To drill-through to the Selection Detail for all the jobs in the table, simply right-click in the Totals row.

4. Selection Detail Additions

Business Unit and Region have been added to the Selection Detail page.

5. Surveys and NPS

Additional job contacts have been added to the Surveys and NPS drill-through pages.

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Constructive Product Update 5.16

Constructive 5.16 – Email creation improvements, Kitchen and Bathroom independent 3D models definition

1. Emails — Image upload
We’ve continued to improve our Email editing functionality to save you time and give you the tools to rapidly produce rich email communications yourself! You can now upload your own images into both your Email Templates and within your Email Content. Enhance your messaging and deliver an excellent customer experience by easily updating banners and adding extra imagery within the body of emails. 

2. Emails — Copy image URL
Furthering our Email improvements, you’re now able to copy a selected image URL in both the Email Templates and Email Content areas.

3. Internal 3D — Internal 3D model area pre-definition
Internal 3D visualisations just became easier with the ability to pre-define Kitchen and Bathroom models independent of the Elevation model.

4. Bug fixes
Pricing – adding or editing a note on a price overridden selection no longer negates the override.
Pricing – The add price for Price Band now shows the correct house types.

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Constructive Product Update 5.15

Constructive 5.15 – Selection Template Updates, Job Details Functionality

Features: Question mark character for job-specific non-standard products, Job Details functionality improvements, Bulk actions

1. Selections — Question mark character available for upgrades/POA
You can now change any product to POA/Upgrade using the special “?” character, instead of needing to type in a dollar figure. This allows you to make things non-standard specific to this job. For example, if a client has a wall stack oven included, then change the 900mm upgrade option to be POA.

2. Job Details — Selection Name shown in Job Quants
The Selection name is now shown in the Selection Dimension Type screen in Job Quants.

3. Job Details — Copy Quants tick box
Copying Selections just got a lot more powerful; you can now copy all the Job Quants at the same time — projects just became even easier!

4. Selection Template — Bulk actions
We’ve introduced a handy new feature in Choice Edits in the Selection Template. If you need to edit several choices, you can now select them all at once (instead of one by one) and perform a Bulk Action to them all.

5. Messages – New status available In Messages, we have a new status of Pending Client Response available to select.

6. Selections – Icon and overlay for discontinued items
An icon and overlay for discontinued items are now shown in the clients’ Selections view for company users, (not visible to clients), improving customer experience by ensuring your Selection Consultants are aware of discontinued items in their selections meeting. This avoids the disappointment of having to make item re-selections later in the process.

7. Bug Fixes
Users – If you have an admin person assigned to a Business Unit, you can now edit their user account.

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Constructive Product update 5.14

Constructive 5.14 – 3D Selections, Job Contacts

1. 3D Selections
Our navigation has been updated to include a new menu item “Home 3D” allowing you to quickly navigate to a 3D view. Home 3D navigation is only visible if you have 3D enabled.

Package Selections are now available in Internal 3D view, allowing clients to choose a pre-prepared Package and instantly view all its colours and items applied in 3D.

2. Job Contacts
Control the visibility of Contacts displayed by job stage within Settings. For example, show the Selections Consultant in the contacts area during the colours stage, then set the Supervisor to appear only during the Construction phase (all configurable in the settings area).

3. Job Listing
There’s a new filter in the jobs screen. Now you can list all jobs assigned to a contact on the job. For example, see all jobs assigned to a supervisor or project coordinator right from the job list screen.

4. Job Details
Under progress, there is a new button “Add new Progress Tasks.” If you’re manually running your Progress Updates to the client in Constructive, this allows you to add the latest tasks from your Progress Template to the individual job as you wish.

4. Bug Fixes
Job Details – Allow merging client with locked user account and unlock it automatically.

Reports – Fixed PDF generation for data with double quotes in page header.

Documents – Documents now open on mobiles.

Email Edit – Disabled Preview button when Email Template is not set.

Jobs Listing – Made Sales job stage to be considered as ‘Active’ by Selection Status.

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Constructive Product Update 5.13

Constructive 5.13 – Item Search, Emails, Security Support

1. Prices
Item Search now allows you to narrow your search by filtering items in specific Selections templates or all Selections templates.

We now support security access by Business Unit.

You can now search prices and price bands by item product code as well as product name.

2. Emails
You now have the ability to resend any email in job details.

We have a new alert indicator in the email contents rows to indicate when an email has no triggers assigned to it.

We can now enable special variables for job contacts in the signature of your emails so they can appear to come from different contacts — for example Prestart Consultant, Client Liaison, Construction Supervisor, etc.

There is a new checkbox to disable emails in job details.

3. Selection Templates
We now support security access by Business Unit.

Multiple items can now be pre-selected for the same specification.

4. Bug Fixes
IFC Processing: Fixed crash on processing models with empty objects.

Selection Templates: Fixed Price List extract. Show Unlocked Jobs in addition to Locked Jobs in the Deleted Items report.

Progress Emails: Ensure Send On Start is actioned when a job moves straight to complete. Send As – CC and BCC should use the role names as per the relevant settings. Use ‘From Role’, ‘CC Role’, ‘BCC Role’ when sending progress emails.

Photos: Facebook Share title and description fixed.

Selections: Next button now skips Notes in Selections.

Surveys: Fixed outbound survey link token substitution.

Items: Duplicate items warning now excludes deleted items.

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Constructive Update 5.12

Constructive 5.12 – Photos Report, User Security

1. Photos by Supervisor Report
A weekly report to management — customisable to arrive at a certain time and day of the week — showing new photos taken by individual supervisors.

selections mood board reports

2. Security User Restrictions
Restrict access to jobs for users in business units, franchises, or complex company structures.

3. Constructive API
Job integration now checks for duplicates in job dimensions and reports a validation error when duplicates are found.

4. Bug Fixes
Selections: A Selection deleted from the template now continues showing in its group, and in the right position for existing jobs.

Model Mapping: Company Admin access to Model Mapping screen fixed.

Surveys: Survey Monkey integration now correctly completes surveys even when Constructive has not been given permission to get survey answers.

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Constructive Intelligence Analytics update 1.3

Intelligence 1.3 – Engagement Page Enhancement

Features: Split Registration Rate, Days to Client Registration, Page Views by Progress Completion and Module

page views progress completion

1. Engagement Page

  • You can now see a count of active jobs where no email has been sent to the client, and drill through to job details for deeper information.
  • The Registration Rate for active jobs has been split into two measures: overall, and when an email has been sent to the client.
  • Days to Client Registration has been updated to days between when the first email was sent to the client, and when the client registered. Job Creation Date is used in place of the first client email date if it is unavailable.
  • Client Page Views by Module and Brand has been replaced with Page Views by Progress Completion and Module. This visual is designed to provide a view of how your clients are engaging with Constructive over the job life cycle. Job completion is calculated by counting the number of progress tasks completed at the page view date divided by the total number of tasks on the job.

2. Minor updates

  • Survey Name filter added to the Surveys page.
  • Top Items by Upgrade Price now takes price overrides into account.
  • Added column First Client Email Sent On to Job Details table.
  • Where child jobs do not have client details, the details are sourced from the parent job.

3. Bug fixes

  • Discontinued Selections count on the Discontinued Item Selections page is now fixed.
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Constructive Product Update 5.11

Constructive 5.11.1 – Selections Mood Board Reports

Features: New Selections summary report

1. Selections Mood Board Reports
You now have the ability to generate a summary of Selections in an attractive, graphical Mood Board format. Display everything, or choose to filter the selections to just certain types.

selections mood board reports

2. Bug Fixes
Selections: When quantity is 0, now shows the price as Upgrade in Client View, My Selections and Report Layer.

Selections Report: Checkboxes to include priced items now use TotalCost rather than RelativePrice.

Client Dashboard: No longer shows client hidden task on progress tile.

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Constructive Intelligence Analytics 1.2

Intelligence 1.2 – Net Promoter Score (NPS) Analysis, Additional Fields, Report Filter Customisation

Features: Net Promoter Score (NPS) Analysis and Additional Fields

constructive intelligence NPS analysis new feature

1. NEW! Net Promoter Score (NPS) Analysis
In this release, we have introduced a new feature — Net Promoter Score (NPS). Within this new page, your NPS responses from Constructive surveys are available for analysis.

NPS is a powerful way to measure overall performance and reputation, while giving you context of your efforts through the eyes of your customers.

  • See the overall percentage and count by Brand of responses which fall into each NPS category: PromoterPassive and Detractor.
  • See your NPS over the construction life cycle and by response date.
  • Drill through to response detail.
nps intelligence reporting by status and response date
intelligence report nps response details

2. Extra Fields
Additional fields have been added to the following pages:

Selections Detail – Supervisor, Selection Locked
Job Details drill through – Prestart Meeting Completed On, Selections Locked, Job Count

3. Report Filter Customisation (Advanced user feature)
The Filters panel is now enabled, allowing customisation of report filters.

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Constructive update 5.11

Constructive 5.11 – Selections Improvements and Messages Statuses

Features: Selections Search, Hidden Items/Selections and New Message Statuses

1. Selections Search
Filter items by name or product code in the new Search field.

release notes selections search

2. Selections Hidden Items Default
As a Company User, you can now see hidden items by default.

release notes selections search

3. Hidden Items and Selections Reloading
When reloading Selections, manually hidden items and selections are preserved.

4. Message Statuses Update
NEW message statuses are now available: Waiting on Internal Team, Waiting on Customer, Waiting on Third Party, Pending. You can override these names to suit your internal processes.

message status

5. Message Resolve Date
Constructive now stores the date that each message ticket is marked as resolved.

6. Bug Fixes
Progress template: Progress items order in Select Trigger Progress Items area is now corrected.

Progress template: When you create a new progress template item, it will now select a progress stage by default.

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Constructive Update 5.10

Constructive 5.10 – My Selections and Selections Template

Features: My Selections Improvements and Selection Template Additional Functionality

1. My Selections – Report Layouts
When logged in as Builder, you can now see all Report Layouts from the My Selections tab in the client view.

release notes report selections

2. My Selections – Scroll Position Remembered
Your scroll position is now remembered when you click to return to My Selections.

scroll position remembered

3. Selection Template – Hide Item URL
You can now hide the item URL from the Item Details screen via configuration in the Selections Template.

4. Selection Template – Show Selection Name
The Select Items screen now shows the Selection Name.

5. Bug Fixes
Dashboard: The Pre-Start appointment date is now time-zone aware.

Selections: Choices no longer duplicate when overriding a price and selecting an item at the same time.

Security: Fixed Access Denied error in the Items and Prices page when logged in as a Builder.

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Constructive Intelligence Analytics update 1.1

Intelligence 1.1 – Documents and Additional Job Details Drill Through Fields

Features: New Documents Page and Job Details Drill Through Fields Additions

constructive intelligence documents screenshot

1. Documents Page
This release, we’ve introduced a new feature – Documents, giving you deep visibility into the documents uploaded to jobs in Constructive. Documents analysis can help you ensure compliance and approval paperwork is consistently being uploaded to jobs.

2. Documents Counts
You can now see counts of documents added in the last 30 days and active jobs that have no documents uploaded.

3. Documents Detail 
Drill through to Job Details from Active Jobs with no Documents. See Documents per job by Brand and Contract Admin and the Document count over time.

4. Document Counts per Contract Admin
Drill through from a Contract Admin to Job Document Details to view the document count for each job they are assigned to. Click the Job Link to see the job in the Constructive admin portal.

5. Other Features Added
Additional fields Job Status, Sales Person and Job Link have been added to the Job Details drill through page.

constructive intelligence documents info tip

Unsure of the content on a report page? Simply hover over the info icon ⓘ in the top right of each page to see the page definitions.

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Constructive Update 5.9

Constructive 5.9 – Email Templates, Dashboard Text, 3D Objects, Model Mapping & Survey Features

Features: Email Template Editability, Dashboard Announcement Text Area, 3D Objects, Model Mapping & Survey Features

editable email content

1. Email Template Editable Content
You can now manage the content of email templates yourself! Easily update the text of your progress milestones and other emails as required, preview the format and send yourself a test email to confirm you’re happy with the changes. Create new emails by copying previous email templates and updating the content via the HTML editor.

dashboard announcement text

2. Dashboard Announcement Text Area
You can now create HTML supported text announcements to display at the top of all client dashboards, a great place for a welcome message or announcements you want to highlight.

3d highlight feature

3. 3D Object Highlighting
Our External 3D rendering has been enhanced to super accurately highlight objects in the Model edit screen. Easily identify objects on the models for selection requirements.

3d highlight feature

4. Model Mapping
When processing a 3D Model, you can now manage the Model Mapping integration yourself.

5. Survey Features
Survey Monkey integration is now supported and you can now store clients’ answers for NPS questions.

6. Registration Email
You now have the ability to trigger a Registration Email, separate to a Registration Reminder Email.

7. Bug Fixes
Messages: We have resolved small issues around messages in email replies, setting the target job upon message opening and resolved/unresolved status functionality.

Message import: When messages are imported through the integration, new lines are shown in your user interface.

3D: You can now successfully switch between jobs in Selections without breaking the 3D model navigation, single garage doors now display correctly as well as some general model display fixes.

User avatars: now display at the correct size after cropping.

Job Selection choices: We have now prevented choices duplication.

Integration: Photo Import API. .exe and .dll files are now blocked from uploading.

Customer name in sidebar: When logged in as a company user, customer name now displays in the sidebar.

Job details: Saving a job now saves contact user phone correctly without duplication. ‘Sending Password Reset link’ modal window now shows the user email where the link will be sent.

Notifications: Fixes around regular notifications for not-registered users.

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Constructive 5.8 – IFC 3D Import & Selection Search

Features: IFC Import, Job Quants Selection search, Multiple Mandatory Selection Type and Material Rendering Improvements

1. IFC Import
You can now drop IFC exports from Revit or Archicad into Constructive and it will automatically process them into interactive 3D visualisations in 2 minutes (not a small feat!). Just upload the file to the job under job documents as the HouseModel category and let Constructive do its magic.

2. Job Quants Selection Search
You can now search for specific selections on the job quants page, so you can see which quants to remove to get rid of a specific selection.

3. Multiple Mandatory
You’ve now got a fourth selection type of multiple mandatory (you’ll need to select at least one selection). This now gives you the option to allow multiple selections but require at least one before finalising the paperwork.

4. Material Rendering Improvements
Enhancing the 3D further with reflective and metallic surfaces, vital for taps, basins and sinks. I wonder what’s coming next….

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Constructive Update 5.6

Constructive 5.6 – Selections – Preselected Choices

Features: Preselected Choice Editing Screens

1. Preselected Choice Editing
An early Christmas present, we’ve now upgraded the Selection Template Edit Screens to allow you to control the preselected choices.

You can nominate the preselected choice to be loaded on selections creation by specification and optionally for specific areas of the house (the default is for all areas). If editing preselections, please check with your Customer Success Manager to ensure that preselections are turned on for you.

2. Selection Reports of Only Upgrade Items
When generating reports from the Job details screen, you will now be prompted to either leave all price categories ticked or remove the pricing categories you don’t want to show on the reports. This is really useful to print off a list of only priced items as a backing sheet to a variation. 

Please note to generate the reports exactly like you do now please just leave all tick boxes ticked.

3. Small Bugfixes
We’ve resolved several small bugs around preselections and duplicates, as well as rare conditions of duplicate selections made.

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Constructive Update 5.5

Constructive 5.5 – Help System, Email Tracking and Selections By Area

Features: Help System, Multiple Email Address Per Client, Email Status Notifications, Job Cancelled actions and hidden progress stages

1. Help system
It may be a small icon, but it will provide a lot of power. If you’re a company administrator you will now see a helpdesk icon in the bottom right of the admin pages.

This will bring up a list of the most useful articles and then you can search the knowledge base and create support tickets directly from the help desk widget.

2. Job Cancelled Action
You can now configure clients to be automatically locked out of the customer portal or online colour selections if their job moves to the cancelled status. This can also trigger an automatic email to the client. If you want to set this up please talk to you Client Success Manager.

3. Email Status Notifications
We now track every action of the emails sent outbound from the customer portal. You can now see when the email was delivered and then opened by the client. Equally, if the email address is incorrect or the email bounced then we can alert your staff via a notification email, to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Please contact your Client Success Manager to ensure this is set up for your company and it is going to the right place.

4. Multiple Client Email Addresses
You can now manually configure client user accounts to have ‘secondary’ email addresses that receive all the same email notifications. Just edit the specific user account and add in the secondary email addresses.

5. Client Hidden Progress Items -> Trigger Progress Emails & Surveys
Often we get asked to trigger automatic progress emails or customer surveys based on tasks the client shouldn’t see. Now we can do this via client hidden progress tasks.

6. Selections Group by Area/Room
Last but by no means least, we can now optionally show a switch to group selections by areas first, and then by selection group. This means you can choose to do selections room by room or by Selection Group – your choice!

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Constructive Update 5.4

Constructive 5.4 – 3D Landscapes and 3D Selection Menu

Features: 3D Landscapes, 3D Selection Highlighting and 3D Selections Pop up

1. 3D Landscapes
We’ve been bringing jobs to life with their working drawings for some time now, but now we’ve taken the further step of putting the houses in a more beautiful context. You can now add preconfigured landscapes to the 3D models to show of the clients home in all it’s glory.

On the model edit screen (see the new menu in the admin screen called 3D) you now have a drop-down to select from a list of landscapes. In the Model edit screen, we’ve done a lot of work to bring the experience in line with what the client will see. So no surprises, you’ll see shadowing, garage doors, and entry doors as the client sees them, no need now to jump to the client-side to do final verification.

2. 3D Selection Highlighting
Obviously being housing geeks we know what a finial or barge & scribes are, but the clients find this much more difficult, now when putting your mouse over a surface (e.g. roof cover) it highlights the relevant bits that the selection covers. Simple but very effective. Again we have applied this to the Model edit screen as well.

3. 3D Selection Toggle Button
A much wished-for option to avoid the need to go back out of 3D view to ‘unselect’ something. You can now just click a second time on a choice in 3D view to unselect it. Simple!

4. 3D Selections Pop Up Menu
When clicking on an area where two or more different choices can be made, it will now pop up a menu to allow you to go to the relevant selection. This is awesome!

5. 3D Optimisations
There has been a massive amount of work under the hood optimising the 3D view and the way we get 3D models into Constructive, all of which you won’t see, but trust us it was worth it!

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Constructive 5.3 – Package View, No Price Change and Reset Job

Features: Package View Enhanced, No Price Change Choices and Job Selection Admin Actions

1. Selections – Package View
Over the years the package view has been used for more and more choices, and its usage has grown past the simple colour boards it once did. We now see packages with more than 100 choices within them – all making life easier for the colour/prestart consultant. We’ve now caught up and greatly improved the non 3D package view to not duplicate items when in multiple rooms, and to take up less of the screen for each item.

To see the names hover over the choice, or click ‘more details’ to expand out to the old (more detailed view).

2. Selections – No Price Change Choices (Negative)
A greatly requested feature. We now have the ability to distinguish between items that are ‘Standard’ for the specification and those that are a ‘No Price Change’ (lesser cost items). To set this up please discuss this with your Customer Success Manager. By default, no action is required and Constructive will show as it did before using ‘Standard’ for the choices with a lesser price than the ‘Standard’ item for the specification. We envisage that you would alter the No Price Change terminology at the selection level. As such you can now set this in the selection edit screen.

3. Selections – Standard Terminology
Along with no price change we can also change the wording we use for ‘Standard’ choices (the same price as the ‘Standard’ choice in the specification). This can be set on the same selection edit screen as the No Price Change option

4. Selections – Package Price Override
The same way you can override the sell price for a choice, you can now do this for a package.

5. Selections – Job Admin Actions
We’ve now added some more job admin functions and had to create their own dedicated menu in the job details screen

Reload Selections – With or Without Recalc Prices
When you trigger reload selections you can now untick the price recalculation for selected items. This enables you post colours/prestart meeting to reload to get the new choices, but not have the prices move on you.

Recalculate Prices
If we just want to recalculate the prices but not to recalculate the choices, this is the button for you. 

Copy Selections
Copy the selections made in another job into this job. Please note if the selection doesn’t exist in the destination job then it won’t copy the selection choice in. 

Reload Quantities
Reload the quantities from the base house type, and remove any edited quantities.

Reset Job Details
This is the nuclear option. This gives you the ability to completely remove all choices made and all edit job quantities. You can now start from scratch without having to raise a support ticket.

6. Selections – Note Required
We now only need one type of note, builder or client. It will now accept either the builder note or the client note as satisfying the note required choice.

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