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james salt
James Salt
A techy at heart, Constructive’s CEO, James, has lived and breathed house building since his early years.

He has a Masters of Engineering in Computer Science, but his career in construction tech began in a hands-on way: growing up on building sites — including the family home — and writing a custom CRM for his family’s home-building company. In those days, syncing data involved a dial-up modem!

Since then, James has amassed vast personal experience at management level in the construction industry, consulting in IT management, software and custom development in both Australia and the UK.

Prior to founding Constructive in 2016, he was the IT Manager of a building company, Implementation and Support Manager at ClickHome and was a freelance consultant for various house builders for several years.

James is a problem solver. He wears many hats at Constructive: leading our team and nurturing its culture, developing partnerships, working on integrations, steering product management and advocating for the voice of the customer to guide product feature development.

James loves to get out of phone range and cycle the off-road Munda Biddi Trail.

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lizzie mooney
Lizzie Mooney
Team Leader —
Client Success Manager
Leading the Client Success team, Lizzie has amassed over 10 years of well-rounded experience in the building industry across numerous roles, multiple departments and various brands including Homebuyers Centre, Celebration Homes, Dale Alcock Homes, Webb & Brown Neaves and ABN Group.

She has a strong passion for the building industry and exceptional leadership and communication skills. Lizzie’s experience, coupled with deep product and industry knowledge, allows her to confidently relate to and advise all stakeholders within a building company on all things Constructive and customer experience.

As well as managing, training and nurturing her team, Lizzie loves to help builders improve their current processes by sharing the collective knowledge she’s acquired from leading her team through the successful implementations of hundreds of builders.

Weekends are for family time with her partner and daughter, visiting parks, cafes and dog walking.

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Steph Schumer
Team Leader —
Client Success Manager
Special Projects
With 20 years’ construction experience, vast expertise in the residential building industry and a strategic approach, Steph is a trusted advisor with a passion for providing time-saving solutions for builders to significantly improve customer experience for their clients.

Deep product and industry knowledge, combined with a talent for examining and interpreting numbers and data, Steph has a systems-based mindset to create efficiencies and streamline processes.

With three boys, Steph and her family are very active and love getting outdoors to burn off energy: hunting for Gruffalo (bush walking), checking out the newest playground or visiting farm animals. She loves to have a night off cooking, heading out for a nice meal with a glass, (or two), of vino.

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Emma Lord
Client Success Manager
Bringing over 9 years’ experience in the building industry and more than 15 years’ customer service experience, Client Success Manager, Emma, has an in-depth understanding of customer expectations in today’s building market. 

Previously a Customer Experience Manager, Emma is skilled in strategic planning and execution of customer experience strategy. She has extensive experience in client-facing roles across the entire building process, plus hands-on experience with managing teams utilising Constructive in past roles. She works with builders to create their tailored portal and selections templates and advises on how to integrate their existing systems and processes seamlessly into Constructive.

Emma has excellent interpersonal skills and a passion for enhancing and continually improving customer experience. Her strategic insights help builders identify and create repeatable processes and clarity in communications — resulting in happier clients and more efficient, profitable staff-to-client ratios.

Outside of work, Emma loves to spend time with her husband and their two dogs, heading to the beach and the gym and catching up with family and friends.

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Gemma Elliott
Gemma Elliott
Client Success Administrator
Gemma has over 10 years’ experience working for residential builders in both Australia and the Channel Islands. Her role involves assisting and supporting the Client Success team with implementations, making sure builders are set up to roll out Constructive to their own clients, knowledge sharing and competence building with an exceptional level of service — for both our builders and internal team alike.

The most organised person you will ever meet, Gemma keeps us all in order and never misses a beat! With deep product knowledge and a talent for communicating technical solutions effectively to anyone, she produces articles and videos for our support platform and assists with Level 1 support issues.

She even finds time to look after our office admin and events: planning team-building outings, setting up and administering meetings and making sure we’re never out of stationery.

Gemma loves getting out and about exploring with her family: at the beach, visiting playgrounds and play centres, trying out food trucks and buying local products at the markets.

Favourite product Online Selections
Sergey manages our enormous library of 40,000+ selectable items, making sure they’re ready to go with photos, textures and descriptions.
Sergey Korovin
Product Library Manager
natalia ovchinnikova
Natalia Ovchinnikova
Lead 3D Creator
With a background in architecture and over 11 years’ professional experience as a licensed architect, Natalia prides herself on delivery of the highest quality 3D models and visualisations.
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dmitrii sviridov
Dmitrii Sviridov
CTO & Lead Developer
CTO and Lead Developer, Dmitrii, heads up our Software Development team. He has over 14 years’ experience in software development — with 10 years specifically in construction software — and an Honours in Computer Science at university.

As well as leading the Development team, Dmitrii is hands-on in planning and developing Constructive’s architecture and core modules. He both oversees, and develops, the creation of new features across the product: from database and backend through to frontend and 3D. He supports and guides our developers and officially releases the Constructive software we all know and love.

Dmitrii is unique: he’s knowledgeable, precise and mathematical, while equally creative and empathetic. He thinks in systems, with rigorous attention applied to every detail to ensure entire processes are both efficient and beautiful.

Even when he’s not writing code, Dmitrii is still busy creating: He enjoys fixing and re-purposing old hardware, woodworking and landscaping his garden.

Favourite product Online Selections and 3D Selections

Favourite feature Selections Reports

marina jupriyanova
Marina Kupriyanova
Full Stack Developer
With a Masters degree in IT with Honours, Marina is a Full Stack Developer, working on both backend and frontend solutions at Constructive.

Each day is different for Marina: working on new features, creating unit tests, querying databases, creating and working with 3D, monitoring system logs and fixing bugs. She’s also great at helping set up complex test scenarios to make sure everything runs without a hitch!

Marina is talented at investigating issues and getting to the bottom of things. She believes her qualities of patience combined with determination have helped her become who she is today.

When she’s not at work, she loves to spend time painting, cooking, gardening and travelling. She’s also a mother of two: a boy and a girl – who never let her get bored!

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Christine Spasskaya
Full Stack Developer
Christine is a Full Stack Developer crafting high-quality, reliable and efficient code. 

Every day, Christine works on new components and features as well as continually improving existing functionality, with an overarching theme of making Constructive consistently easy to use — to create a beautiful experience for both builders and their clients.

Christine has a degree in Information Systems and Technology and a construction software background. She is a highly experienced, can-do Developer, ready to tackle any technical challenge with positivity. Christine values communication and openness and is always available to her teammates to assist and advise.

Christine loves to explore: different countries, different cultures and trying new activities, like snowboarding. She enjoys swimming, training and walking her dog — but equally loves to spend time at home with her cat: playing games, watching movies and reading books.

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anastasia intyakova
Anastasia Intyakova
QA Engineer
With over four years of QA Lead experience, Anastasia is our Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer. 

Writing rigorous testing scripts, user-testing every part of our software and championing high-quality standards, Anastasia ensures everyone has a flawless, bug-free and intuitive experience using Constructive. She’s also a valued part of our 3D team.

Anastasia is empathetic, calm, organised and mindful and applies unique attention to every technically intricate detail.

When she’s not working, Anastasia is into video gaming, 3D modelling and chilling out with yoga.

Favourite product 3D Selections

Favourite feature 3D processing

liza nozdrevatykh
Liza Nozdrevatykh
Full Stack Developer
Liza is a Computer Science/Applied Mathematics degree-qualified web developer and designer, supporting our design system and crafting designs for our product and custom style sheets for our builders — aka making sure Constructive looks and feels like your brand.

Quality and speed are Liza’s top priorities and she takes every opportunity to hone her skills with every task sent her way. She’s a true team player, always happy to answer questions or put her hand up to help out.

Liza is into everything cinema: watching movies of different genres, reading how they were made, and digging into directors’ biographies fascinates her. She also enjoys gaming and reading philosophy and psychology books, but her biggest love is reserved for animals — especially her cats!

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Favourite feature Messages in Maintenance

Shane Monck
Full Stack Developer
With a Bachelor of Science, Majoring in Physics and Computer Science, Shane is a frontend and backend Developer working on a variety of tasks at any given time, like new features for Constructive, 3D models and external integrations to get builders data into Constructive smoothly and in-house tools to make our team’s lives easier.

Shane is excellent at identifying patterns and has meticulous problem-solving skills, which go hand-in-hand with developing great products.

Outside of work, Shane’s either at the gym, playing pickup basketball or working on his side projects — he’s obsessed with coding and can’t stop!

Favourite product 3D Selections

Favourite feature Model Processing 

Will Brown
Junior Software Developer
Will is a Software Engineering and Cybersecurity degree-qualified developer, with a wide variety of personal projects under his belt.

He brings his solid understanding of Cybersecurity and experience in a range of programming languages to Constructive, to help both builders and their clients have the most secure and best possible experience with our software.

When he’s not at work, Will likes gaming with his friends, playing volleyball and card games — especially Magic: The Gathering.

Favourite product 3D Selections

Favourite feature Internal 3D

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nigel stacey
Nigel Stacey
Data Engineer
Data Engineer, Nigel, designed and built our Intelligence Analytics product: collecting, storing and analysing user data at scale to ensure it’s in a highly usable state by the time it reaches our builders.

He continually maintains and improves its functionality, helping builders to gain insights into their customer engagement, digital KPIs, selections data and staff performance.

With previous experience in BI Developer and Systems Analyst roles, day-to-day he looks after data warehouse ETL, Power BI reports and our Azure infrastructure administration.

Nigel is excellent at communicating technical concepts and solutions effectively and loves making data accessible for builders so they can tangibly use it to evaluate and optimise their performance.

When he’s not at work, he enjoys cycling and hiking.

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adrianne barba
Adrianne Barba
Content Writer / Marketing
With two decades in digital design, communications and product management, Adrianne creates material for our blog and campaigns around customer experience best practice and shares practical tips to help make building journeys smooth and successful — for everyone.

She loves connecting with builders to help tell their stories, as well as software partners to describe how integrations can be a superpower for customer experience at scale.

Adrianne also works within our Software Development team to keep new products, features and fixes work flowing,  writes requirements, helps out with UI design, manages feature requests and puts together our release notes.

Adrianne brings positive energy and is a big believer in a systemised approach to work so she can be both creative and super-organised.

On the weekend, you’ll find Adrianne pottering about in her tiny, city veggie garden or building epic Lego spaceships with her son.

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gillian allison
Gillian Allison
Accounts Officer / Bookkeeper
Accounts Officer / Bookkeeper, Gill, manages everything financial for Constructive Software.

Gill is a qualified Chartered Accountant with previous finance experience in the Hospitality and Manufacturing industry. She has a BCom (Honours in Accounting) at the University of Kwa-Zulu, Natal in Durban, South Africa and served her 3-year training contract with KPMG, Durban.

Gill has meticulous attention to detail. She loves working with others and has a strong business acumen with an excellent understanding of effective systems and processes. She enjoys combining these skills to streamline and improve business operations.

Gill loves family time and considers herself a real homebody. She’s always pottering around in the garden – with her chickens following her every move! If she’s not outside, you’ll find her in the kitchen trying out a new recipe to share with friends and family.

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