The online portal you are provided with through the builder is a great way of keeping up to date with the progress of your home especially if you live far away and want to see what stage they are up too with the build.

– Brad

The online portal made it very easy to keep track of the building progress, see up to date photos of the building, and access all the building documents, contracts, drawings etc. The online portal provided the ability to download any documents as needed and to keep for future reference.

– Michael

The online portal is great to see progress photos and also before Prestart you can see your options and prices for upgrades which made prestart run a lot smoother.

– Katie

Throughout the whole process, there was always someone keeping me in the loop so I knew where everything was at. The online portal system is a fantastic tool allowing customers to see photos, be kept up-to date with the progress and view all documents to do with their home.

– Sarah Watts

There are more than just great extras they offer things such as their own portal to monitor various stages of pre/post construction, progress photos and major documentation which is accessible forever.

– Bryn

We have had such a great experience so far in building our first home, the customer service and support has been fantastic. The portal is brilliant it’s great to be able to see the progress and made choosing our selections an easy and exciting experience.

– Bec

The online portal was a breeze as it keeps as updated on what was going on with our house!

– Andy

The customer portal is a fantastic tool to keep track of your build and is easy to navigate.


I am about to be up to the prestart stage and so far everything has been as smooth as you’d hope from a builder. I’ve already been given access to my ‘portal’ which is an online selection for my prestart colours, tapware etc. which is very exciting and such a bonus to the company!

– Brittany

What we found to be most helpful was having access to the constructive portal which is where you can select choices of bricks, tiles etc. All documents pertaining to your build are also uploaded to this portal and photos of the stages of the build, any new updates to this portal you will receive an email to inform of these updates. For us this portal was particularly useful as we were living interstate during the build.

– AlexElaine H

I am most pleased with the online portal – it’s unbelievably helpful to have everything in the one place and it’s exciting to see when an update has come through with more progress on the home. Couldn’t be happier with the process 🙂

– Josie

Our builder portal is absolutely fantastic for helping with prestart decisions, I was able to choose at least half of my selections before my appointment. As well as keeping me in the loop throughout the build.

– Caitlin

The online portal was great to see all our documents, progress and selections in one place and be able to see who our contacts were.

– Mike

Throughout the process we were kept up to date with through the online portal (which is very helpful as you can look up details of your build where ever you are).

– Paul

The on-line customer Portal not only offered a wide variety of products but made product selection a breeze. It gave the opportunity to see both standard inclusions or upgrades if you preferred and also gave the cost so we felt better informed and not nearly as overwhelmed at the pre-start meeting.

– Lesley

The online software is easy to navigate. All the documents are uploaded and kept in the system. Contact info, photos and prestart selections were also available online. I received an email notification to let me know when a stage had been completed or if I needed to do anything from my end. This form of communication was really convenient and kept me up to date with the all the steps of the pre-construction and build.

– Zara

Our builder has a customer portal that’s really easy to view to see all the choices you have to make prior to your Prestart appointment which was really awesome. I could just check on my phone what I had to choose and where the suppliers were and then to enter your selection. Loved it. Never had this when I built elsewhere.
Another thing I love is there’s a little timeline of events on the customer portal and they get ticked off in both this pre-construction stage, and later the construction stage. So I can see that’s it’s only scheduling that needs to happen and then we’re onto construction!

– MikiG

The Online portal is so helpful and we got to choose our upgrades and materials for the house before the appointment which made the day much less stressful and a whole lot quicker.

– Tahnz

The online prestart selection through our customer portal made our journey easier and the updated photos and feedback from our Supervisor has been brilliant.

– Exsarge53