Selections the clients way

Enrich your selections process by giving the power to your client. We live in a world where your clients demand the tools to enable them to make their own decisions. Your clients expect the tailored view to their home design. 3D Selections is that tool, allowing the client to try out their combinations of colour schemes and see how they will look on their individual job. Look at the job from any angle so they see their home their way.

No expensive CAD costs

3D Selections allows clients to see their selections on their home, their individual home. Leveraging your existing investment in CAD design. This is a revolutionary approach to customise the view to the actual home, not some generic render.
Imagine being able to show an individual design to the client and then allow them to interactively change the selections, then see it in front of their eyes. Our technology leverages the existing work you do on every home producing the working drawings, no additional work required.

Part of Online Selections

As an addition to the industry leading Constructive Online Selections, 3D selections enhances how clients do their colour selections. 3D selections is baked right into the heart of selections, meaning any change the client makes forms part of their electronic selections. All recorded seamlessly as the client visualises the selections. Even use it during a selections meeting to show the client what they have chosen.

Material library

Building on our massive online selections library, we already have hundreds of render textures for residential constructive industry products. This means no significant upfront investment, and quick to production benefits. We apply our unique matching methods to your designs and you’re ready to give your clients the best possible tools.