Why Constructive?

Delight your clients. Reduce your workload.

Constructive Software is an all-in-one platform for home builders.
We empower hundreds of builders around the world to improve their digital Customer Experience through our smart technology.
Constructive makes the home-building process fun, accessible and easy for your clients while reassuring them with clarity around progress updates, selections pricing, documentation and more — all online, anytime.
Our goal is to help you build meaningful relationships while saving you time.


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Customer-Centricity at scale

Your clients’ satisfaction throughout their building journey is at the heart of everything we do.

We make it effortless for you to communicate the right things — at the right times — and provide a beautiful experience for clients to make selections online, including personalised, interactive 3D technology.

Every feature is thoughtfully crafted for home builders to consistently deliver the best possible digital Customer Experience.


Who is Constructive for?

Volume and medium-sized home builders who want to enhance their Customer Experience, reduce selections meeting times and improve communication and collaboration with their clients.

Our technology helps residential building companies uncover selections trends and analyse client data to gain the knowledge they need to delight clients and create a customer-centric culture.

About Constructive

Before Constructive, managing Customer Experience during the home-building process was complex. 

Huge spreadsheets, endless emails and phone calls, managing budgets, reprinting brochures and keeping track of back-and-forth communications across multiple staff and projects lacked consistency, was time-consuming and human-error prone.

Since 2015, Constructive Software has been redefining the residential building industry by innovating the way clients stay up-to-date with build progress and transforming how they select and visualise beautiful finishes for their new homes.

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Building software clients love

Our powerful, but intuitive, white-label software has helped over 90 builders who have collectively guided more than 100,000 of their own clients successfully and thoughtfully through their home builds.

With real-time build updates, interactive 3D selections and powerful data-driven reporting, Constructive is setting a new benchmark in how the industry approaches Customer Experience during the building journey.


Meet the team

We’re a tight-knit, inclusive and diverse team of building industry experts, software developers, data engineers and designers.

The majority of our people come from a building-industry background, but we all have one thing in common: we’re obsessed with making every home build an excellent experience — for both you and your clients.