House Building Customer Portal

Provide your customers with their own customer portal, their own window into the information you already have.

Already designed, built and battle hardened. Take all the risk and the work out of deploying what is now an industry requirement, the customer portal. Constructive Customer Portal is a proven solution designed specifically for your customers in mind.

Constructive currently serves over 1,400 unique residential builder customers every day, visiting their customer portal to check on their specific job, and this number grows every day.

Run on industry grade hosted servers, constantly available no matter what your servers are doing.

All data at glance – The Dashboard

House building customers can easily see where their home is up to, without endless emails or phone calls. Reduce the cost or providing up to the minute information to the client, whilst improving on your customer service.

Current updates from construction site with house photos, required documents, useful contacts, maintenance updates and more. All in one place, and updating as your internal systems update.

All data at glance


Customer can see and download all required documents, such as contract plans, variations, house handover packs. Whatever you want them to keep. Paperless.

You choose what you want to display the client and at which points, and the customer portal will notify the customers of the new documents for them to view.

Integrate from shared drives or from industrial grade document management system, whatever your company currently uses.

Progress Updates

Provide up to the minute progress information to your customers, whether that be preconstruction or construction progress.

Prevent the endless customer communication around where are we, what needs to happen next, have it available to your customers live.

Explain the process via the progress sheet, using customer centric terms and add as much explanation as possible. Use the progress sheet to educate the client of the complicated processes that need to be completed, including highlighting to the client what are their responsibilities.

Progress sheets and progress graphics are fully customisable to your unique workflow and constructive process, each job can be unique based on many factors (e.g. Double Storey, Single Storey, Planning, etc).

Projects progress built right in, if you have a project we have special view modes to group all the jobs under one login so on one easy page your customer can see progress on the ex and comms/siteworks and all of the units.

Progress Updates


Present the latest photos of the home in construction, right through to the happy customers at key handover.

Build the storey for the client and help them articulate the build process to their friends and family.

Simply take photos against the job and instantly their available for the customer to see. Customers will love to see their home growing!

More Features


Facilitate tracked and actionable communication from the customer to you the builder.
Ensure no request or question is missed, ensuring excellent customer service.
Broadcast communication about office closures, Christmas shutdowns or even supply issues.
A customer can ask questions within the portal and we route it to the relevant person within your company and track the responses to the customer.


Maintenance is a key area of communication with the customer, and the portal makes this process transparent for the customer.
Ask the customer to upload their maintenance items, and they then see when they are booked out to trades, and when they are marked as completed.
Even present the customer with the relevant contact details of the trade/company to arrange times, take the middle man out of the equation.

Easy Setup

We will adapt our integration services to your internal systems and make data interaction flawless and easy.
We store all information securely in our cloud which makes customer access easy, no matter what your systems are doing.


Not ready to launch all our features at once? You can disable any of them based on your company hierarchy, and have different set of features in different business units or regions.

Your Brand

We setup Constructive Portal on your domain name (e.g.
It will still be run on our systems but customers will have a branded location to ensure your brand awareness and loyalty.

Your Style

You can have a custom UI style with your company logo and brand colours instead of default as required.
But rest assured our default theme is ready to go and provides the best base to slightly tweak for your colours and logo.
No costly work is required to apply your brand, but if you did want more customisation, we work with external parties and we have our own in house graphic designer.

Mobile Friendly

Designed from the ground up for the Mobile first reality, all of the customer portal is designed to look and work flawlessly on mobile devices.

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