Customer Portal


Prevent endless incoming emails and calls.

Everything your clients want to know at a glance, available 24/7.

constructive software customer portal for residential builders

Improve customer experience with transparency.

Build trust and reduce incoming enquiry —automatically keep clients informed in real-time. Educate with bite-sized, customer-centric milestone explanations.


Proactive communication, with no extra work.

Create consistent communication touchpoints. Auto-send an email when a milestone has been started or completed, a photo or document has been updated, a survey is available, and more, all via automation.

constructive customer portal notifications

“We’re able to provide better service to our clients; it’s made our lives so much easier.

Behind the scenes, we are actually doing less than we were before — with less staff than before.”

Dannielle Mangan — Administration Manager
Take charge of your Customer Experience with Customer Portal.
Constructive Customer Portal important documents

Go paperless. Save time.

No more calls or emails asking for copies of important documents. Let clients view and download contract plans at any time and from any device.


Reassure with visual updates.

Present a visual journey of the build process for clients to share with friends and family. Simply take photos or videos on site against a job to make them instantly available.

Constructive Customer Portal photos and videos screen
Constructive customer portal surveys

Ensure excellent service.

The best way to see if you're delivering a great customer experience to your clients? Ask them!

Our data shows with Constructive’s built-in reminders and notifications, you could boost your survey response rate from the average 20% up to around 45%

Constructive Customer Portal messages


Never miss a request or question.

Facilitate tracked and actionable communication from your clients directly within their Portal — auto-routed to the relevant staff member.

Constructive Software useful links


Educate and inform.

A glossary of terms, refer a friend, links to suppliers —
this flexible area is useful, free space to build in your own educational info.

Communicate with clients like never before.
Tap into the power of automation.

Connect more with less: Drive customer experience and engage with clients on a personal level at scale.

drive visits

1 Proactively deliver

Orchestrate a customer-centric, educational build journey with your personal Client Success Manager.

Pre-populate your build progress template, FAQs, surveys and plan your surveys and email triggers.

2 Drive visits

Set up your custom-branded email flow with triggers to auto-notify clients on milestones, build updates, available surveys, important document uploads, and photos and videos from site.

improve with data

3 Improve with data

Put your data to work and find out how often, and when, clients access their Customer Portal with Intelligence Analytics.

Examine survey response rates and get the knowledge you need to delight clients and improve customer experience.


Constructive Customer Portal faqs list


Answer questions — before they ask.

Save time: Proactively display common questions and answers in detail in advance, before your clients call or email.

Constructive Customer Portal contacts


Automated, customisable staff contacts display.

Make it easy for clients to contact the right person at the right time. Show the Sales Consultant prior to contract signing and display the Construction Supervisor and Client Liaison while their job is in construction.

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