Intelligence Analytics


Data-informed decisions.

Get a clear picture of what your clients are selecting. Identify sources of extra revenue from specific upgrades. Monitor trends — understand what's working and where you can improve.

Constructive Intelligence Analytics client surveys screen

Enrich client experience.

Put your data to work and find out how often, and when, clients access their Customer Portal. Get the knowledge you need to delight clients and create a customer-centric culture.


Integrated with Customer Portal and Online Selections.

Easily drill down to detailed data in a digestible format. See all jobs prior to a construction task that have a product selected — re-selections made easy!

Constructive Intelligence Analytics integration with Customer Portal and Online Selections

“Reporting on Selections data with Constructive Intelligence Analytics has a huge impact and assists our product management space immensely.”

Steph Crossman, Product Release Manager | ABN Group Victoria

Powerful, yet easy-to-use: Intelligence Analytics.
constructive intelligence analytics for builders nps score

Measure reputation. Improve performance.

Effortlessly analyse your Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey responses for context of your efforts through the eyes of your customers.


KPIs for calculated success.

Translate your customer-centric vision into an actionable strategy. Anonymously map your competitive position next to other builders.

constructive intelligence analytics analyse kpis leaderboard screen
Constructive Intelligence Analytics evaluate staff performance screen

Advance staff performance.

See where you can better perform, individually and as a team. Arm yourself with quantitative data to review staff performance trends.

Accurate data at your fingertips. Intelligence Analytics for builders.

Improve your customer experience and increase upgrades revenue.
More actionable insights on Intelligence Analytics.

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Translating a customer-centric vision into an actionable strategy within a home-building company can be a challenging task. Where to begin? Start by measuring and addressing the most important metrics with Constructive Intelligence Analytics.

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Why analytics are important for builders — and what you should be tracking

Analysing data can be time-consuming, but it’s pivotal to your success across customer experience, profitable product management and staff performance. Let’s look at why it’s so important — and how to get it right!

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