Constructive 4.11 – Client Surveys

Constructive Update 4.11

1. Outstanding surveys now on night Activity update email
We’ve now added a list of the surveys that are awaiting a response to the activity update email generated in the portal. This means every time you alert the client to new progress, photos or documents, it will also remind them to complete any outstanding surveys.

This drives significantly higher response rates from your customers without pestering them with new emails.

2. SurveyMonkey Integration Upgrade
We have now upgraded our Survey Monkey integration to get the survey completed notification back to the portal immediately, so the client will instantly see in the portal that the survey has been completed.

3. Additional Survey variables
When requesting the survey Constructive can automatically pass any of the following information to the survey tool to allow better analysis of root causes or actions to take.

Sales Consultant
Contract Administrator
Client Liaison
Business Unit
Job No
Client Name
Lot Address
Finance Broker
Selections Meeting Date and Time
Selections Consultant

4. Updated Survey Admin screen
We’ve now added the ability to search your Survey Monkey surveys by text when setting which survey should be sent at each progress completion trigger.

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