Constructive 4.6.2 – Item Improvements

Constructive Update 4.6.2

Features: Selection Item Improvements

1. Price indicator in 3D view
We’ve enhanced the 3D selections view to include a small price indicator so the clients can see those items that are non-standard, but still maintain the same space for the 3D view.

2. Item View Improvements
We’ve gone through and optimised the view of the items in all areas of Constructive.

  • Display manufacturer in all areas of Constructive Online Selections. Making it much easier to identify the correct item, whilst making the name more meaningful
  • New Subtitle available on items to help add clauses to items that are not strictly their name
  • Product codes are now available on the Selected Items report. This enables a more useful report for production estimating and construction departments.

3. Item Search Improvements
We’ve enhanced the item search screen to search all aspects of the item (not just the name). This will allow searching for range names, finishes and product codes.

4. Item Naming Conventions
We’re working hard on maintaining and improving our item library for your use. To this end, we are standardising the item names to take advantage of range/collection and other information. We’ve been working hard on this and you’ll already see massive improvements in lots of categories. This is continual work!

As we recognise some item names might not be suitable for everyone we have included the ability to override the name in the selection template.

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