Constructive 4.0 – Selections UI Improvements

constructive software product update 4.3.0

1. Brand New Menu System
Improvements to menu layout, ensuring as much space as possible to the important details of visualisation and selections. The new menu now combines everything and shows on the left hand side.

Please note that the all navigation menus are now in the left hand column, apart from the user account and logout options which stay in the top right of the screen. As an admin user the ‘COG’ to move to the admin screen is in the top right corner, as this is more consistent with the admin pages (move to client application).

2. Mobile Device Usability Improvements
As over 42% of the users are on mobile devices, we’ve re-looked at the user interface, and really optimised it for the mobile devices. You’ll find the interactions are a lot more intuitive for the user. The new menu system greatly assists this, with more consistency across the platforms.

3. Brand New Standard Selection Screen
We want to showcase the possible selections to the client as best as we can. So we’ve concentrated on the images, and we show more options per page.

4. 3D Selections Lighting
We’re continuing our improvements to the 3D visualisations, by enhancing the light levels and displaying a more realistic view via shadows (on those devices that can handle it). With the menu improvements we’ve also given the 3D view more space. It is also now simpler to move between the visualisation and standard view mode via the toggle button.

You can now also use the mouse scroll to move the visible items.

5. Colour Swatch Upgrades
Colour swatch view now shows a lot more colours, and you can drill to the detail of the name by tapping on the colour. This means we can show many more colour selections.

6. Detail Page Layout Changes
In the selection detail page, we’ve improved the layout, as well as making it easier to zoom into images on all devices (including mobile)

7. Review/My Selections Mobile Optimisations
Continuing our mobile improvements, the Review/My Selections page we’re greatly improved.

8. Speed
With all of these beautiful improvements also comes with some under the hood tinkering that makes the user interface even quicker. You’ll see improvements flow on from all this hard work in the not too distant future.

9. HTTPS support
Automatic redirection to https for custom domain names with ssl certificates.

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