Constructive 4.16 – 3D Model Improvements and Package multiple choice

Constructive Update 4.16

1. 3D Model Improvements
We’ve greatly improved our 3D model mapping screen, and added functionality to hide specific 3D shapes on a job by job basis.

This also is building the groundwork for even more intelligent auto mapping of 3D elements to selections.

2. Multiple Package Options per Selection
Further enhancing packages, we now allow multiple options from a single selection in the same package. Once the package is selected the client is then presented with a further choice of which of these choices to choose.

Once selected this outstanding package selection is shown using an exclamation mark, indicating to the client there is still selections to resolve.

A choice in a package can also now be specific to an area of the house, so a sanitaryware package could have different taps between the ensuite and bathroom, even though they are the same selection.

3. Selection Group Progress
We’ve improved the auto ticking of the selection group so that it now ignores hidden selections when calculating if the group should be ticked. Giving a better progress indication to the client.

4. Client Hidden Choices
We can now auto-hide specific choices from clients. So we can have additional choices only the selections consultant will see, and they are hidden from the client when they are making selections at home. Think of additional upgrade items that need discussing or the catch-all ‘Other’ option that you don’t want to show the client.

Just tick the hidden tick box next to the item, and the choice will be auto hidden from the client.

5. House Types Admin Screen
We’ve given the house type maintenance screen some love, upgrading its user interface with our modern controls. You’ll find it more user friendly.

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