Constructive 4.7 – Item Suggestions

Constructive Update 4.7

1. Item Suggestions
We have now created the ability for you to suggest new items to the item library via our new ‘Suggest’ button in the items screen.

This will allow you to create items with as much information as possible. Once submitted we will receive a notification and work on improving and approving the item for the library. At which point you will then be able to price and add it to your selection template.

At any point you can review those items awaiting approval via the new filter added to the items screen.

2. Discontinued Items
As the world evolves, products we might have used become discontinued by the suppliers. Now we’ve improved Constructive to alert you to those items that are discontinued in your selection template. See image above showing the discontinued marker on the items listing screen. You will also see the new status filter allows you to just show the ‘Discontinued’ items.

Please note this discontinued flag will not show to the client. The process for the client is the same as it has been, where you run the ‘Deleted Items Report’ after updating your Selection template.

Please see the discontinued flag next to the selection name, indicating an item is discontinued within this selection.

3. Job Roles passed through on Customer Survey requests
When a survey is sent out we can now include the names of those key people on the job (Sales Consultant, etc), so that you can personalise the surveys even further.

4. Item Naming Conventions
We’re continueing the long hard work of cleaning up our item library naming and duplicates. An ongoing war!

5. Item Attachments
In our continuing effort to enhance the information to the client, we have added the ability to show attachments (PDF brochures, diagrams, etc) against individual items in the selections. If you have any suitable attachments please send them through.

Client View above, and items listing view below:

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