Constructive 5.11 – Selections Improvements and Messages Statuses

Constructive update 5.11

Features: Selections Search, Hidden Items/Selections and New Message Statuses

1. Selections Search
Filter items by name or product code in the new Search field.

release notes selections search

2. Selections Hidden Items Default
As a Company User, you can now see hidden items by default.

release notes selections search

3. Hidden Items and Selections Reloading
When reloading Selections, manually hidden items and selections are preserved.

4. Message Statuses Update
NEW message statuses are now available: Waiting on Internal Team, Waiting on Customer, Waiting on Third Party, Pending. You can override these names to suit your internal processes.

message status

5. Message Resolve Date
Constructive now stores the date that each message ticket is marked as resolved.

6. Bug Fixes
Progress template: Progress items order in Select Trigger Progress Items area is now corrected.

Progress template: When you create a new progress template item, it will now select a progress stage by default.

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