Constructive 5.12 – Photos Report, User Security

Constructive Update 5.12

1. Photos by Supervisor Report
A weekly report to management — customisable to arrive at a certain time and day of the week — showing new photos taken by individual supervisors.

selections mood board reports

2. Security User Restrictions
Restrict access to jobs for users in business units, franchises, or complex company structures.

3. Constructive API
Job integration now checks for duplicates in job dimensions and reports a validation error when duplicates are found.

4. Bug Fixes
Selections: A Selection deleted from the template now continues showing in its group, and in the right position for existing jobs.

Model Mapping: Company Admin access to Model Mapping screen fixed.

Surveys: Survey Monkey integration now correctly completes surveys even when Constructive has not been given permission to get survey answers.

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