Constructive 5.13 – Item Search, Emails, Security Support

Constructive Product Update 5.13

1. Prices
Item Search now allows you to narrow your search by filtering items in specific Selections templates or all Selections templates.

We now support security access by Business Unit.

You can now search prices and price bands by item product code as well as product name.

2. Emails
You now have the ability to resend any email in job details.

We have a new alert indicator in the email contents rows to indicate when an email has no triggers assigned to it.

We can now enable special variables for job contacts in the signature of your emails so they can appear to come from different contacts — for example Prestart Consultant, Client Liaison, Construction Supervisor, etc.

There is a new checkbox to disable emails in job details.

3. Selection Templates
We now support security access by Business Unit.

Multiple items can now be pre-selected for the same specification.

4. Bug Fixes
IFC Processing: Fixed crash on processing models with empty objects.

Selection Templates: Fixed Price List extract. Show Unlocked Jobs in addition to Locked Jobs in the Deleted Items report.

Progress Emails: Ensure Send On Start is actioned when a job moves straight to complete. Send As – CC and BCC should use the role names as per the relevant settings. Use ‘From Role’, ‘CC Role’, ‘BCC Role’ when sending progress emails.

Photos: Facebook Share title and description fixed.

Selections: Next button now skips Notes in Selections.

Surveys: Fixed outbound survey link token substitution.

Items: Duplicate items warning now excludes deleted items.

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