Constructive 5.14 – 3D Selections, Job Contacts

Constructive Product update 5.14

1. 3D Selections
Our navigation has been updated to include a new menu item “Home 3D” allowing you to quickly navigate to a 3D view. Home 3D navigation is only visible if you have 3D enabled.

Package Selections are now available in Internal 3D view, allowing clients to choose a pre-prepared Package and instantly view all its colours and items applied in 3D.

2. Job Contacts
Control the visibility of Contacts displayed by job stage within Settings. For example, show the Selections Consultant in the contacts area during the colours stage, then set the Supervisor to appear only during the Construction phase (all configurable in the settings area).

3. Job Listing
There’s a new filter in the jobs screen. Now you can list all jobs assigned to a contact on the job. For example, see all jobs assigned to a supervisor or project coordinator right from the job list screen.

4. Job Details
Under progress, there is a new button “Add new Progress Tasks.” If you’re manually running your Progress Updates to the client in Constructive, this allows you to add the latest tasks from your Progress Template to the individual job as you wish.

4. Bug Fixes
Job Details – Allow merging client with locked user account and unlock it automatically.

Reports – Fixed PDF generation for data with double quotes in page header.

Documents – Documents now open on mobiles.

Email Edit – Disabled Preview button when Email Template is not set.

Jobs Listing – Made Sales job stage to be considered as ‘Active’ by Selection Status.

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