Constructive 5.15 – Selection Template Updates, Job Details Functionality

Constructive Product Update 5.15

Features: Question mark character for job-specific non-standard products, Job Details functionality improvements, Bulk actions

1. Selections — Question mark character available for upgrades/POA
You can now change any product to POA/Upgrade using the special “?” character, instead of needing to type in a dollar figure. This allows you to make things non-standard specific to this job. For example, if a client has a wall stack oven included, then change the 900mm upgrade option to be POA.

2. Job Details — Selection Name shown in Job Quants
The Selection name is now shown in the Selection Dimension Type screen in Job Quants.

3. Job Details — Copy Quants tick box
Copying Selections just got a lot more powerful; you can now copy all the Job Quants at the same time — projects just became even easier!

4. Selection Template — Bulk actions
We’ve introduced a handy new feature in Choice Edits in the Selection Template. If you need to edit several choices, you can now select them all at once (instead of one by one) and perform a Bulk Action to them all.

5. Messages – New status available In Messages, we have a new status of Pending Client Response available to select.

6. Selections – Icon and overlay for discontinued items
An icon and overlay for discontinued items are now shown in the clients’ Selections view for company users, (not visible to clients), improving customer experience by ensuring your Selection Consultants are aware of discontinued items in their selections meeting. This avoids the disappointment of having to make item re-selections later in the process.

7. Bug Fixes
Users – If you have an admin person assigned to a Business Unit, you can now edit their user account.

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