Constructive 5.16 – Email creation improvements, Kitchen and Bathroom independent 3D models definition

Constructive Product Update 5.16

1. Emails — Image upload
We’ve continued to improve our Email editing functionality to save you time and give you the tools to rapidly produce rich email communications yourself! You can now upload your own images into both your Email Templates and within your Email Content. Enhance your messaging and deliver an excellent customer experience by easily updating banners and adding extra imagery within the body of emails. 

2. Emails — Copy image URL
Furthering our Email improvements, you’re now able to copy a selected image URL in both the Email Templates and Email Content areas.

3. Internal 3D — Internal 3D model area pre-definition
Internal 3D visualisations just became easier with the ability to pre-define Kitchen and Bathroom models independent of the Elevation model.

4. Bug fixes
Pricing – adding or editing a note on a price overridden selection no longer negates the override.
Pricing – The add price for Price Band now shows the correct house types.

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