Constructive 5.25 — CC Email Setting

Constructive Update 5.25

1. NEW CC Email Address Setting

You now have the ability to CC all emails to a global email address, helpful for systems infrastructure that requires CC, rather than BCC.

You can find this new option under Settings, General above the existing BCC Email Address.

Please note, you can only CC or BCC, not both.

cc email address

2. Bug Fixes

Users are no longer incorrectly auto-locked when linked to cancelled jobs
If a user was linked to both cancelled and uncancelled jobs, (and the setting had been turned on to auto-lock users linked to cancelled jobs), they were still being locked, despite having a live job. This is now fixed.

Duplicating housetype no longer includes deleted areas
Deleted housetype areas are now no longer incorrectly copied over when a house type is duplicated.

.obj Model processing scaling of UVs
New model processing texture scaling issues fixed.

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