Constructive 5.29 — 3D Improvements, AD Authentication, Progress Screen Improvements

1 — 3D Improvements

We’ve greatly improved our 3D experience: faster access via high compression that reduces the size of 3D models while preserving the visual quality of your original models. Our high-quality rendering performance on both desktop and mobile devices is maintained.

2 — Active Directory (AD) Authentication

We’ve introduced Windows Active Directory (AD) Authentication protocols to enhance overall security that secures Constructive from unauthorised access. Streamlining user and rights management, AD Authentication simplifies your IT administration via Single Sign On (SSO) and enables authorised users and services to access Constructive securely.

Please contact your Client Success Manager if you’re interested in setting up AD Authentication.

3 — Progress Screen Improvements

We’ve updated the Customer Portal Progress screen design with auto-expanded educational descriptions of Progress Tasks not yet complete to provide greater visibility and encourage clients to read descriptions and view images and videos. It’s now simpler for clients to visually understand via the interface what has been completed on their build and what’s coming next.

Please note, completed Progress tasks will remain auto-expanded in the Progress screen for 7 days.

4 — 3D House Model ‘Secure’ Setting

From your feedback, we know some 3D house models are used as base models utilised across many jobs. To stop these being accidentally edited by Contract Admin users on one job and affecting them all, we’ve introduced a ‘Secure’ mechanism that only allows Company Admin users to edit or save changes to these models.

5 — Item Re-Naming Field Improvement

The Item description re-naming field has been made larger to display the full description text. It’s now easier to see what you’ve entered and reduces the chance of accidental typos.

6 — Bug fixes

3D Add Decoration Error Fixed ‘access denied’ error when Company Admin or Contract Admin adds decorations to a house model.

Disabled Message Notifications Fixed issue where disabling Job Emails from a client incorrectly disabled Message notifications to builder.

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