Constructive 5.32 —Documents and Photos multiple upload

This release, we’ve continued to improve our Customer Portal by allowing you to bulk upload photos and documents and improving our Progress Template integrations.

1 — Documents bulk upload

You asked, we listened! Uploading documents one by one in the Job Details screen was frustrating when you had a large volume of documents. You can now save time by uploading multiple documents at once.

Please note, documents uploaded in bulk will appear in the same category selected from drop-down menu.

2 — Photos bulk upload

In the Job Details screen, you can now also upload photos to a Job in bulk.

Please note, photo bulk upload is only available from the Job Details screen. The Supervisor ‘Take Photo’ screen remains optimised for mobile phone photos taken on site.

3 — Progress Template integration improvements

We’ve continued to improve and streamline our Progress Template integrations.

4 — Bug Fixes

  • Shared documents are now removed in a Progress Task if a company document is removed.
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