Constructive 5.33 —3D Cabinet door profiles, 3D performance improvements

We’ve continued to make improvements to 3D Selections in this release including new cabinet door profiles now available, enhancing and further tailoring the interactive visual understanding of design choices for your clients.

1 — NEW 3D Cabinet door profiles

You’re now able to include further detail to your cabinetry in 3D with cabinet door profiling. Once you have cabinet door profiles set up, clients can simply click the cabinetry and choose ‘Cabinet Profile’. Available door and drawer profile choices will appear at the bottom of the screen for clients to select and instantly visualise.

To set up 3D Cabinet door profiles, please contact your Client Success Manager.

2 — 3D performance improvements

This release contains further performance improvements to 3D Selections, including faster model loading.

3 — Azure AD – Signed-in user visibility

Company Admins now have the ability to see who is signing into Constructive with Azure AD — and who isn’t. This can help you discover any unused accounts or troubleshoot issues.

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