Constructive 5.34 —Maintenance admin improvements

Constructive v 5.34

We are constantly improving our software at Constructive and in this release, we’ve listened to your feedback and made many enhancements within the admin areas in our newest module, Maintenance, to create greater efficiencies and free-up your Maintenance team’s time.

1 — Maintenance – Wizard rules retained and default ‘Urgent’ issue types locked

When a client is entering a new Maintenance Issue and ‘skips’ the wizard, landing on the review before submitting page, your mandatory requirement rules (eg photo required) and default Urgent issue types are now retained.

2 — Maintenance – Auto-populate date on status change

When a defect’s status changes to ‘Assigned’, if the assigned date field is empty, the date now auto-populates to today’s date. (Previously, this had to be set manually).

3 — Role permissions update

Role types Maintenance Coordinator and Maintenance Supervisor cannot edit the Maintenance Wizard. They can add a contact to the Job.

4 — Maintenance – New date field: Maintenance Inspection

In Job Details, you can now record a date for a booked Maintenance Inspection.

5 — Maintenance – Duplicate an item

You now have the ability to duplicate a Maintenance item to make a copy to work from to save time. To duplicate a Maintenance item, simply click the 3-dot kebab menu on the item you wish to copy and select Duplicate.

6 — Maintenance – New filter: Assigned Contact

In your Maintenance Items Admin screen, you have a new filter available: Assigned Contact. Individual staff members can now filter to see all their clients’ defects in one place.

7 — Maintenance – New Issue Category

To assist with reporting, you can now classify issues by defect category: Defect Liability Period, Structural Warranty, Latent Defects, Extended Warranty or Outstanding PCI Item.

When an issue is logged, if it falls into the time period before the Maintenance Ends On date, it will be auto-assigned to Defect Liability Period. If the time period is after the Maintenance Ends On date, it will be blank — your Maintenance Coordinator, Maintenance Supervisor or Company Admin will need to manually assign an Issue Category in this instance.

8 — Maintenance – New Internal Note field

On the Maintenance Item admin screen, we’ve introduced a new text field called Internal Note. Clients cannot see this note, so you can use it to record information for your internal team that you don’t want clients to see.

9 — Bug fixes

  • Selection Template performance improvement — Performance improved on large Selection Templates load-time.
  • Maintenance – Issue Description field – Cursor no longer moves when client enters text.
  • Maintenance – Create another Job selection issue — When entering multiple issues against a job, you no longer have to re-select the Job.
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