Constructive 5.36 — Selections Admin improvements

Constructive 5.36

For this release, we’ve listened to your feedback on the Online Selections Admin screen and implemented many improvements to make your file preparation more efficient.

Please view the video below for an overview of the improvements within Constructive 5.36:

1 — Selections Admin screen improvements

Tick identifies selection made in a Group

Previously, in the Selections Admin screen, it was often difficult to identify where a selection had been made in a Group. Similar to Client View, you’ll now see a tick symbol to the right-hand side of a Group where a selection exists.

Selection Groups after a selection is made

When selecting or unselecting an item, Groups will no longer auto-expand and return you to the top of the area, removing the frustration if you need to make further changes. Now, when you leave a selection and come back, you’ll be returned to the selection made.

Select button and context menu User Interface updated

Previously, ticking a checkbox on the left hand side, (meant for Bulk Actions), could unintentionally be mistaken for selecting an Item (selecting an Item was previously achieved by clicking the 3-dot kebab menu and choosing Select).

To make this more obvious and user-friendly, we’ve created a Select/Unselect button — with it’s own arrow drop-down menu that replaces the previous 3-dot menu — that appears when you hover/highlight on each selection.

Please note: on iPad/Tablet devices, the Select/Unselect buttons will always be visible.

Bulk price override — Type ‘X‘ to delete and revert to original.

You can now type an ‘X‘ character in the edit box to delete your price override and revert back to the original pricing.

Auto-collapse sections

Sections in the Selections Admin screen now have auto-collapse behaviour, similar to Client View selections.

Packages multiple options ‘?‘ flag

As per Client View, you’ll now see a green ‘?‘ symbol to easily identify Packages that contain multiple options for a selection.

2 — Pricing — ‘Advanced Options’ removed and all Pricing options visible

You’ll now see all the Pricing options in one screen, removing the need for you to make an extra click. We’ve removed the ‘Advanced Options’ arrow that expanded access to set an item’s sell price as area-specific, set item pricing, or price bands, by specification, or override differential calculations.

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