Constructive 5.37.1 – 3D Improvements

1 — 3D improvements: Material rendering, lighting and performance

In this release, we’ve greatly improved our 3D Selections product with the adaption of a new 3D shading material workflow. PBR (Physically Based Rendering) has created a more accurate and realistic rendering of materials.

Lighting has been enhanced to use luminosity and kelvins of real lights resulting in lights appearing physically correct. We’ve also added Bayonet lights (point lights) — light sources illuminate and cast shadows in all directions.

3D has been optimised for improved performance, increased frame rate and faster loading times (approximately 38.5% decrease in draw calls and approximately 11% decrease in GPU memory).

All these improvements make the 3D Selections experience faster, and more accurate, for your clients when considering selections, materials and colour schemes for their new homes.

2 — 3D – Auto-assign Pre-made Models

You now have the ability to auto-assign Pre-made Models depending on House Type and Elevation combinations — allocate kitchen styles and bathroom styles based upon your House Types.

Contact your Client Success Manager to find out more about setting up Pre-Made Models.

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