Constructive 5.8 – IFC 3D Import & Selection Search

Features: IFC Import, Job Quants Selection search, Multiple Mandatory Selection Type and Material Rendering Improvements

1. IFC Import
You can now drop IFC exports from Revit or Archicad into Constructive and it will automatically process them into interactive 3D visualisations in 2 minutes (not a small feat!). Just upload the file to the job under job documents as the HouseModel category and let Constructive do its magic.

2. Job Quants Selection Search
You can now search for specific selections on the job quants page, so you can see which quants to remove to get rid of a specific selection.

3. Multiple Mandatory
You’ve now got a fourth selection type of multiple mandatory (you’ll need to select at least one selection). This now gives you the option to allow multiple selections but require at least one before finalising the paperwork.

4. Material Rendering Improvements
Enhancing the 3D further with reflective and metallic surfaces, vital for taps, basins and sinks. I wonder what’s coming next….

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