Intelligence 1.2 – Net Promoter Score (NPS) Analysis, Additional Fields, Report Filter Customisation

Constructive Intelligence Analytics 1.2

Features: Net Promoter Score (NPS) Analysis and Additional Fields

constructive intelligence NPS analysis new feature

1. NEW! Net Promoter Score (NPS) Analysis
In this release, we have introduced a new feature — Net Promoter Score (NPS). Within this new page, your NPS responses from Constructive surveys are available for analysis.

NPS is a powerful way to measure overall performance and reputation, while giving you context of your efforts through the eyes of your customers.

  • See the overall percentage and count by Brand of responses which fall into each NPS category: PromoterPassive and Detractor.
  • See your NPS over the construction life cycle and by response date.
  • Drill through to response detail.
nps intelligence reporting by status and response date
intelligence report nps response details

2. Extra Fields
Additional fields have been added to the following pages:

Selections Detail – Supervisor, Selection Locked
Job Details drill through – Prestart Meeting Completed On, Selections Locked, Job Count

3. Report Filter Customisation (Advanced user feature)
The Filters panel is now enabled, allowing customisation of report filters.

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