Intelligence 1.3 – Engagement Page Enhancement

Constructive Intelligence Analytics update 1.3

Features: Split Registration Rate, Days to Client Registration, Page Views by Progress Completion and Module

page views progress completion

1. Engagement Page

  • You can now see a count of active jobs where no email has been sent to the client, and drill through to job details for deeper information.
  • The Registration Rate for active jobs has been split into two measures: overall, and when an email has been sent to the client.
  • Days to Client Registration has been updated to days between when the first email was sent to the client, and when the client registered. Job Creation Date is used in place of the first client email date if it is unavailable.
  • Client Page Views by Module and Brand has been replaced with Page Views by Progress Completion and Module. This visual is designed to provide a view of how your clients are engaging with Constructive over the job life cycle. Job completion is calculated by counting the number of progress tasks completed at the page view date divided by the total number of tasks on the job.

2. Minor updates

  • Survey Name filter added to the Surveys page.
  • Top Items by Upgrade Price now takes price overrides into account.
  • Added column First Client Email Sent On to Job Details table.
  • Where child jobs do not have client details, the details are sourced from the parent job.

3. Bug fixes

  • Discontinued Selections count on the Discontinued Item Selections page is now fixed.
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