Intelligence 1.5 — Online Engagement KPIs

Constructive Intelligence Analytics update 1.5

Intelligence 1.5 focuses on Online Engagement KPIs, helping you identify how you’re tracking related to other builders using Constructive. This new page will help you understand where you’re improving and excelling over time, plus our expert tips explain exactly how you can improve your ranking within each metric.

1. NEW Online Engagement Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Page

KPIs Ranking
View the following metrics and assess where you sit — both overall, and within each KPI — across builders using Constructive.

  • Client Registration Rate
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Survey Response Rate
  • Jobs with Selections Loaded
  • Selections Jobs with 3D Model
  • Photos per Job
  • Documents per Job
online engagement kpis ranking constructive intelligence

Ranking History
Hover over an individual KPI to see the recent change and history, (earliest available history from 6 April 2022).

online engagement kpis ranking over time constructive intelligence

The tips column contains links to best practise, expert recommendations to improve your rankings for each KPI.

2. Job Details

Has 3D
Flags if a 3D model has been loaded to the job.

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