Intelligence 1.8 — Selections Timeframes

Constructive Intelligence Analytics Update 1.8

Intelligence 1.8 features a new Selections Timeframes page, providing you with data to benchmark and monitor your completions over time so you can look at ways to speed up your clients’ journeys to completing Selections and assess Selections Consultant performance.

1. NEW Selections Timeframes

The new Selections Timeframes page tracks the counts of Selections Appointment completions over time and the number of days until Selections are finalised. 

Please note: To display meaningful data on the Selections Timeframes page, you must have Progress implemented and maintained on jobs in Constructive, including completion dates for Selections Appointment and Selections Finalised Final Documents Final Plans tasks.

View the Selections Appointment Count by Finalised Timeframe: Same Day, or within 15, 30, 60 and 90 day time-frames. You can also drill-through to Job Details.

selections appointment count

Intelligence can help you monitor Selections Consultant performance. View the Average Days to Selections Finalised by Selections Consultant, and over time.

average days to selections finalised
selections not finalised

2. Other Updates

  • Online Engagement KPIs Added Average Day to Selections Finalised KPI.
  • Engagement page The Active Client count is now a monthly display, showing the last 6 months, (previously daily, showing the last 30 days).
  • Job Details new columns Selections Available to Client OnSelections First Locked OnSelections Finalised On and Days to Selections Finalised.
  • Documents page You can now switch between Documents per Job by Contract and by Client Liaison.
  • Surveys Surveys with non responses rate will now show on the Response Rate by Survey Name chart.
  • Discontinued Item Selections table Added a new Manufacturer column.
  • Selection Details Added a new Product Code filter.
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