Intelligence 2.1 — Engagement Page Enhancements, Registrations and Notifications Engagement Sub-Page, Further Retail Reference Prices

1. Engagement Page Enhancements

We’ve released several enhancements to the Engagement page to help you monitor engagement over time, as well as views and time in Modules:

  • Engagement by Month table
  • Page Views by Module and Minutes in Module per Job
  • New Registrations & Notifications sub-page
    This new sub-page now houses Registration-related visuals. There are also three new data points included:
average days to registration by business unit

Average Days to Registration — See how long it takes on average for clients to register and use this to work towards improving speed of client registration.

clients registered within 30 days

Clients Registered Within 30 Days — Monitor how many clients register within a 30-day period.

Average Days Since Last Notification — Use this to ensure clients are being updated on a regular basis.

2. Price Configuration, Selection Price Reference

Retail price references have now been added from suppliers, Winnings and Reece.

3. Minor Updates

  • Switch between Brand and Business Unit in by Brand visuals throughout the report via the new buttons.
  • Added Days Since Last Notification column to the Job Details table.
  • Added Sales Agent to Job Details.
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