Intelligence Analytics 2.3 — Job Pipelines

Constructive Product Update Intelligence Analytics 2.3

In this release of Intelligence Analytics, we’ve introduced three new pages related to Job Pipelines. Available from the existing Jobs page, Job Pipelines are a new way to analyse the state of your Jobs in Constructive.

Two pipelines have been defined: Selections and Workflow.

Selections Pipeline

Monitor Jobs running through the Selections process. With this report, you can identify jobs that have stopped moving or are taking a long time. Monitor average timeframes moving from meeting complete to Selections finalised.

  1. Job created to selections created: The date the Job was created in Constructive to the date Selections were created.

  2. Selections created to selections available or appointment: This stage has two possible end dates, the date Selections were made available to the client or the completed date for the selection appointment. The earliest of the two is used if the Job has both.

  3. Selections available to appointment: The date Selections were first made available to the client to the completed date for the selection appointment.

  4. Selections appointment to signed off: The date of the selection appointment to the completion date of the Selections Finalised progress task.

Workflow Pipeline

With this report, you can conduct overall monitoring of current workload per stage, identify bubbles and bottlenecks and uncover the average timeframes through each stage. 

  1. Deposit to contract: Completion of deposit to contract signed progress tasks.

  2. Contract to site start: Completion of contract signed to site start progress tasks.

  3. Site start to handover: Completion of site start to handover progress tasks.

  4. Handover to end of maintenance: Completion of handover progress task to the Job maintenance end date.

  5. On hold: The start of the current on-hold period is used for the start of this stage. When the job comes off hold it falls back into the appropriate stage based on progress task completion.

1. New pages

Current Job Stages

See where your Jobs are currently for each pipeline. The current stage for a Job is the earliest stage in the pipeline which the Job has started but not completed. Drill through to Job Stage Details.

Job Stage Completions

Displays Job stage completions over time and average calendar days to completion.

Job Stage Details

See stage detail at the Job level.

2. Small additions and improvements

  • Selection Detail page:
    • Add Is Updated column.
    • Added Choose Anything Details drill through.
    • Added progress complete/incomplete filters, and removed last complete progress item.

  • Job Details page:
    • Added Client Email column.
    • Added Maintenance Coordinator and Supervisor to Job Details.

  • New columns added to price configuration tables: Area, Specification, Override Calculations. Relative price measure updated to honour Override Calculations flag.

  • NPS page: Add Job Created On filter.
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