Product Updates

Constructive 5.33 —3D Cabinet door profiles, 3D performance improvements

We’ve continued to make improvements to 3D Selections in this release including new cabinet door profiles now available, enhancing and further tailoring the interactive visual understanding of design choices for your clients.

1 — NEW 3D Cabinet door profiles

You’re now able to include further detail to your cabinetry in 3D with cabinet door profiling. Once you have cabinet door profiles set up, clients can simply click the cabinetry and choose ‘Cabinet Profile’. Available door and drawer profile choices will appear at the bottom of the screen for clients to select and instantly visualise.

To set up 3D Cabinet door profiles, please contact your Client Success Manager.

2 — 3D performance improvements

This release contains further performance improvements to 3D Selections, including faster model loading.

3 — Azure AD – Signed-in user visibility

Company Admins now have the ability to see who is signing into Constructive with Azure AD — and who isn’t. This can help you discover any unused accounts or troubleshoot issues.

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Constructive 5.32 —Documents and Photos multiple upload

This release, we’ve continued to improve our Customer Portal by allowing you to bulk upload photos and documents and improving our Progress Template integrations.

1 — Documents bulk upload

You asked, we listened! Uploading documents one by one in the Job Details screen was frustrating when you had a large volume of documents. You can now save time by uploading multiple documents at once.

Please note, documents uploaded in bulk will appear in the same category selected from drop-down menu.

2 — Photos bulk upload

In the Job Details screen, you can now also upload photos to a Job in bulk.

Please note, photo bulk upload is only available from the Job Details screen. The Supervisor ‘Take Photo’ screen remains optimised for mobile phone photos taken on site.

3 — Progress Template integration improvements

We’ve continued to improve and streamline our Progress Template integrations.

4 — Bug Fixes

  • Shared documents are now removed in a Progress Task if a company document is removed.
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Constructive 5.31 —New Maintenance Features

We’ve continued to improve the capabilities within our new module, Maintenance, to make managing the warranty and defects phase easier for you while creating a better experience for your clients.

Constructive Maintenance — Efficient Defect Management: Reduce incoming emails and calls by empowering clients to log defects and keep informed of their status within your secure, custom-branded Maintenance Portal. Request a Demo >

1 — NEW Maintenance Internal Only comments

Sometimes you might want to make notes against defects you don’t want clients to see. You can now check the ‘Internal only’ checkbox before clicking ‘Send’.

Comments marked with the new checkbox, ‘Internal only’, are not visible to clients and no notifications are triggered.

2 — NEW Maintenance Status – ‘Awaiting Inspection’

Sitting between the existing statuses, ‘Created’ and ‘On Review’, is a new status named ‘Awaiting Inspection’.
Use this status to indicate an inspection is required before you will accept the defect.

3 — NEW Maintenance Job Role – ‘Maintenance Supervisor’

We have a new Maintenance Job Role you can choose to display to client as a Contact — ‘Maintenance Supervisor‘.

Please note this is a Job Role only, rather than a Security Role.

4 — NEW Maintenance Issue Type setting — ‘Unlocked’

Sometimes, you may have an Issue Type that has a warranty period that’s typically longer in duration than your standard Maintenance period. Any defects in this category you won’t want to fall into a ‘locked’ state after the standard Maintenance period officially ends as clients will still need to report them through their Maintenance Portal.

Unlocked Issue Types have permission to be logged after Maintenance defects have all been submitted, and/or after Maintenance is ‘locked.’

To set an Issue Type to ‘Unlocked,’ navigate to your wizard template, click the Issue Types tab and tick the Unlocked checkbox next to the Issue Type(s) you wish to unlock.

Note you will immediately receive an email notification if any defects are submitted under an Issue Type that has been unlocked.

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Constructive 5.30 — Pricing capability improvements: Area-specific pricing, pricing by specification

A much-requested feature, in this release, we’ve greatly improved pricing capabilities within Constructive, to better align your selections pricing setup with how pricing functions within your business.

1 — Area specific pricing and pricing by specification

You can now set an item’s sell price as area-specific, or set item pricing, or price bands, by specification.

Set a price for an item in Prices and set different standards for different areas based on specification.

When you choose to Override differential calculations, the standard specifications for this selection in your selection template will no longer be factored in. If you do not check the Override differential calculations option, the price will automatically adjust based on the standard specifications set in the template.

Please note: You can access Advanced Criteria by clicking the dropdown arrow located to the right of the ‘Available To’ field. For updated support information on Pricing, please see the following Solution Articles:

How to Price a Single Item

Price Bands – How to Price Multiple Items at the Same Price/Rate

2 — Filtering hierarchy preservation

Screens now preserve hierarchy. When filtering by Brands and Regions, your filters are now remembered between screens.

3 — Bug fixes

Emails – When a job is cancelled, emails in the send-queue will now be deleted.

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Constructive 5.29 — 3D Improvements, AD Authentication, Progress Screen Improvements

1 — 3D Improvements

We’ve greatly improved our 3D experience: faster access via high compression that reduces the size of 3D models while preserving the visual quality of your original models. Our high-quality rendering performance on both desktop and mobile devices is maintained.

2 — Active Directory (AD) Authentication

We’ve introduced Windows Active Directory (AD) Authentication protocols to enhance overall security that secures Constructive from unauthorised access. Streamlining user and rights management, AD Authentication simplifies your IT administration via Single Sign On (SSO) and enables authorised users and services to access Constructive securely.

Please contact your Client Success Manager if you’re interested in setting up AD Authentication.

3 — Progress Screen Improvements

We’ve updated the Customer Portal Progress screen design with auto-expanded educational descriptions of Progress Tasks not yet complete to provide greater visibility and encourage clients to read descriptions and view images and videos. It’s now simpler for clients to visually understand via the interface what has been completed on their build and what’s coming next.

Please note, completed Progress tasks will remain auto-expanded in the Progress screen for 7 days.

4 — 3D House Model ‘Secure’ Setting

From your feedback, we know some 3D house models are used as base models utilised across many jobs. To stop these being accidentally edited by Contract Admin users on one job and affecting them all, we’ve introduced a ‘Secure’ mechanism that only allows Company Admin users to edit or save changes to these models.

5 — Item Re-Naming Field Improvement

The Item description re-naming field has been made larger to display the full description text. It’s now easier to see what you’ve entered and reduces the chance of accidental typos.

6 — Bug fixes

3D Add Decoration Error Fixed ‘access denied’ error when Company Admin or Contract Admin adds decorations to a house model.

Disabled Message Notifications Fixed issue where disabling Job Emails from a client incorrectly disabled Message notifications to builder.

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Constructive 5.28 — Maintenance Submit, Maintenance Outstanding Items Report, Maintenance Builder Notification, Message Settings and Selections Template Improvements

1. NEW Maintenance Features

Constructive Maintenance — Efficient Defect Management: Reduce incoming emails and calls by empowering clients to log defects and keep informed of their status within your secure, branded Maintenance Portal. Request a Demo >

Maintenance Submit
When a client has completed logging their Maintenance issues, they can now click a ‘Submit’ button and send you a final list of defects.

Once submitted, a client’s Maintenance is set as ‘locked’ which means clients can no longer add new defects and are displayed an advisory warning message. Clients may still review their issues and add additional information to these, if required.

Maintenance Outstanding Items Report
Once Maintenance issues are submitted as detailed above, a Maintenance Outstanding Items Report —with your logo — is automatically triggered to be emailed to both your nominated contact in your building company, for instance, your Maintenance Supervisor, as well as your client. It is also auto-generated and emailed when the Maintenance period ends on a job.

This useful report allows you to conveniently review all the currently outstanding Maintenance items that have not been completed and have not been rejected by you.

The Outstanding Items Report details each outstanding defect, plus its location, when it was created, thumbnails of any images included and an indication if the issue is urgent.

Constructive Maintenance outstanding items report

Maintenance Builder Notification
We’ve added an automatic email notification to update you when a client adds a message or makes a change to a Maintenance item, so you won’t miss any activity and can action anything required right away!

Maintenance (Optional) Requires Attachment
We know you need thorough information about a defect before you can adequately take action, so we’ve added an optional setting requiring clients to append an attachment (for example, a photo) before they can log the issue. You can choose during setup which issues, if any, will require attachments before your company will accept them for review.

Maintenance Dates
Recording key dates against each job for Maintenance events for your records and to automate functionality to make the maintenance period more efficient for your team — plus the generation of data for reporting and filtering.

2. Message Settings Improvements

All Job Statuses and all Job Role types are now included in the drop-down selections in Message Settings.

3. Selection Template Item Selection Search/Filter Relocated

To make adding text and/or images in the free content area in an Item Selection more efficient for clients, we’ve relocated the search/filter bar from above the content box to directly above the selections.

4. Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Access Denied error when copying Selections from one job to another
  • Deleted jobs will not receive progress updates
  • Fixed Selections Submit report to correctly show Notes
  • Removed Show Builder/Client Notes from Report generation modal pop-up and added “Show Builder Notes” to selection layouts.
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Intelligence 2.1 — Engagement Page Enhancements, Registrations and Notifications Engagement Sub-Page, Further Retail Reference Prices

1. Engagement Page Enhancements

We’ve released several enhancements to the Engagement page to help you monitor engagement over time, as well as views and time in Modules:

  • Engagement by Month table
  • Page Views by Module and Minutes in Module per Job
  • New Registrations & Notifications sub-page
    This new sub-page now houses Registration-related visuals. There are also three new data points included:
average days to registration by business unit

Average Days to Registration — See how long it takes on average for clients to register and use this to work towards improving speed of client registration.

clients registered within 30 days

Clients Registered Within 30 Days — Monitor how many clients register within a 30-day period.

Average Days Since Last Notification — Use this to ensure clients are being updated on a regular basis.

2. Price Configuration, Selection Price Reference

Retail price references have now been added from suppliers, Winnings and Reece.

3. Minor Updates

  • Switch between Brand and Business Unit in by Brand visuals throughout the report via the new buttons.
  • Added Days Since Last Notification column to the Job Details table.
  • Added Sales Agent to Job Details.
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Constructive 5.27 — New Client Emails, Additional Report Filters for Client and Builder Notes

1. NEW Client Emails Card

The new Client Emails card displays to your clients all emails on their job sent to them from the Portal. This will enhance your customer experience through transparent communication, digitally collating all email communications a client has received in one place — no more searching through inboxes and folders to find a past email.

Emails are displayed in a chronologically descending list and detail the subject, date and who the email was sent to, along with the contents of the email.

Please note:

  1. Client Emails are turned off by default. If you’d like to utilise this new feature, please contact your CSM to turn Client Emails on in Settings.
  2. Only emails with the following successful statuses will appear in the list: SentProcessedDeliveredOpened
  3. Client Emails won’t show email sending statuses to your clients.

2. Selections Reports – Additional filters for Client and Builder Notes

There are two new checkbox filters available in the existing Selections Reports. You can now choose to include any choice that has a Note attached, helping you further curate bespoke, purpose-customised reports.

Please note:

  1. Client and Builder Notes report checkbox filters are selected on by default. For example, if you wish to exclude items with Client Notes attached, please unselect the checkbox before creating your report.
  2. You can select one, or both, Client Note and/or Builder Note.

3. Selections Reports — Mood Board Format combines same item within the same selection group

If the same item has been selected multiple times in the same selection group, it will now combine into one entry, creating a more succinct and organised Mood Board Report.

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