Constructive 5.38

Constructive 5.38 – Two Factor Authentication, Maintenance Improvements

1 — Security

Within Settings, you’ll find a new Security tab that allows you to customise authentication settings and password validations.

NEW – Customise password complexity requirements

You can now customise password validation requirements with number of characters as well as requirements for lowercase letters, uppercase letters, digits, special characters and custom complexity. Try out a test password in place to see if it validates against your requirements.

NEW – Customise password error validation message

Customise the error validation message that appears when your password complexity requirements are not met.

NEW – Two Factor Authentication (TFA)

To increase your security, you can now secure User logins with Two Factor Authentication.

Your users, (internal and clients), can set up TFA at any time by navigating to their account settings, scanning the QR code in their Authenticator application, (eg, Authy, Microsoft Authenticator, Google Authenticator), and entering the six digits displayed in their Authenticator app to complete setup.

Now, whenever they log into Constructive, they’ll be prompted to enter a six-digit code if:

  1. They have not logged into Constructive authenticated with TFA in the number of days specified in the setting TFA Re-authentication Days; or
  2. They are logging in from a new device.

If the user doesn’t have access to their Authenticator app when logging in, they can opt to send a one-time code to their email address, instead, (this code is valid for six minutes). The user has 10 attempts to correctly enter the code before their account is temporarily locked for 20 minutes.

Note that TFA is disabled by default.

Configuration settings

Disabled, Optional or Required TFA

You can prompt your users and clients to set up TFA when they next log-in using their password. Within settings, you can configure your preferred TFA option:

  • Disabled – Never prompt to set up TFA (but the individual user can choose to set it up if they wish)
  • Optional – Prompt user only once to set up TFA with the option to dismiss.
  • Required – User must set up TFA to access their account in Constructive.

TFA Reauthenticate Days

Here you can specify how many days it can be since a user last logged in using TFA, (default and maximum days is 30).

Customise TFA One-Time Code Email

Customise the email that contains the code you send to Users logging in without an Authentication app and set it under: Settings / Notifications / Two Factor Authentication — One-Time Code Email Content.

2 — Maintenance improvements

Structural Warranty Ends On date setting
You can now record the Structural Warranty Ends On Date for a Job within a new date-picker setting in Job Details.

End of Structural Warranty notification

Using the new Structural Warranty Ends On date, you can now notify clients via email that their Structural Warranty period has ended with the End of Structural Warranty email.

Configure this setting under: Settings / Portal / Maintenance under the Notifications heading.

This email is triggered to send on the Structural Warranty Ends On date within Job Details.

Maintenance Inspection On date field

The Maintenance Inspection On date field now appears on the Admin Maintenance Items page(when filtered by Job Number) to help you easily see, or edit, this date while working through a Job’s defects.  Note it can be edited here as well as in Job Details / Maintenance.

Changes to Statuses

We have replaced ‘Created’ with ‘Awaiting Submission’ and have a new pseudo/calculated status of ‘Submitted.’

Awaiting Submission

The previous ‘Created’ status is now named ‘Awaiting Submission’ and is default unticked in the filters in the Maintenance Items screen so you will now not see issues awaiting submission by default.

We have removed the ‘Ignore Due Date’ tick-box as ‘Awaiting Submission’ now covers this requirement and provides a cleaner interface.


Submitted status is for items that are locked from client editing, ie, Urgent or past the Maintenance Locked Date. Note this is a pseudo/calculated status only.

Activity Update client notifications

Any time a client-visible status displayed changes, your client will now receive a notification via an Activity Update.

Note that clients only receive this Activity Update about client-facing status changes, not any Builder status changes. Status changes are the only information the client will be made aware of via the Activity Update email. The addition of photos, changing of Urgent, or allocation of dates and trades will not be advised via this email notification.

The following status changes will trigger a client Activity Update notification:

On Review
Submitted Direct — Client (On update only)

Job Number search top field enabled

Job Number search is now enabled in the top Search field of the right-hand panel in the Maintenance Items screen.

New email setting – Maintenance Ends On email content with no items

Sometimes, clients may never report any Maintenance Items during their warranty period. Previously, they would receive the Maintenance Submit Email Content email regardless if there were no defects lodged.

You now have the option for this scenario where there are no Maintenance Items to either disable the Maintenance Submit email so the client receives nothing at the Maintenance Ends on date, or send a custom email advising the Maintenance period is now over.

Price List Report csv extract additions — Manuals and Warranty and Care Information

You can now extract a list of products from the Selection Template that shows you the available documents in the Maintenance categories Manuals and Warranty and Care Information to help review and manage your manuals and warranties at handover. These are marked in two column headers Has Manual and Has Warranty and indicated by True/False.

Maintenance Items – Admin View comment icon visible

If a Maintenance item has one or more comments against it, you will now see a comment icon with the number of comments in Admin View, as already visible in Client View.

Maintenance – Client comments disabled until Maintenance locked

Previously, clients could leave a comment on a Maintenance issue that was created (Awaiting Submission), but not yet Submitted. This triggered a notification email to builders; however, this resulted in many email notifications for comments on non-urgent defects. The preference was to not receive these comments until after the Maintenance Locked On date.

Now, Client comments on non-urgent Maintenance Items are disabled until the Maintenance Locked On date. Clients should edit a Maintenance Item if they wish to add more information.

Please note:

  • Issues flagged as Urgent still have Client comments enabled (which will immediately notify you via email).
  • Builders are still able to add comments during this period.

Issue Types – ‘Unlocked’ months setting

For ‘Unlocked’ Issue Types (defects that can be lodged outside the standard Defect Liability Period), you now have the option to set a custom number of months for the Issue Type to remain unlocked to give you greater flexibility.

For example, appliances may have a 12-month warranty, but a hot water unit may have a 24-month warranty, so you’d enter a different number of months for each to remain unlocked.

Once an Issue Type’s unlocked months is passed, the Issue Type will no longer be ‘Unlocked’.

Configure the unlocked months from your Maintenance Wizard Template under the Issue Types tab.

‘Unlocked’ Issue Types customisable Wizard content for Pre and Post Locked periods

You can now customise the Maintenance Wizard content that is displayed to your clients depending on whether Maintenance is Locked, or not.

Configure content to appear in a Post-locked period by creating a Wizard Rule and create a new condition ‘Maintenance Locked’ by ticking the box. Constructive will check the Job’s Maintenance Locked On Date and display this content only if Maintenance is Locked.

3 — Bug fixes

Jobs – Stop all notifications on cancelled Jobs

Previously, if a Job’s status was ‘Cancelled’, clients would still receive a notification if a document or image was added to their Job in error. Now, if a Job is cancelled, no notifications whatsoever are sent to the client if something were to update on their cancelled Job.

Notifications – Send Low Selections Reminder logic updated

Sometimes, clients would receive Low Selections Reminder emails before they had the chance to register. We’ll now only send this email if the client has previously received an email with a registration link attached to it.

Notifications – Registration Reminder logic updated

We’ll now prevent this email from sending on the same day the Registration email is sent.

Reports – Mood Board Show Special Selections 

The Special Selections nominated to show in the Mood Board Report header are now showing correctly in the header.

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Constructive Product Update Intelligence Analytics 2.3

Intelligence Analytics 2.3 — Job Pipelines

In this release of Intelligence Analytics, we’ve introduced three new pages related to Job Pipelines. Available from the existing Jobs page, Job Pipelines are a new way to analyse the state of your Jobs in Constructive.

Two pipelines have been defined: Selections and Workflow.

Selections Pipeline

Monitor Jobs running through the Selections process. With this report, you can identify jobs that have stopped moving or are taking a long time. Monitor average timeframes moving from meeting complete to Selections finalised.

  1. Job created to selections created: The date the Job was created in Constructive to the date Selections were created.

  2. Selections created to selections available or appointment: This stage has two possible end dates, the date Selections were made available to the client or the completed date for the selection appointment. The earliest of the two is used if the Job has both.

  3. Selections available to appointment: The date Selections were first made available to the client to the completed date for the selection appointment.

  4. Selections appointment to signed off: The date of the selection appointment to the completion date of the Selections Finalised progress task.

Workflow Pipeline

With this report, you can conduct overall monitoring of current workload per stage, identify bubbles and bottlenecks and uncover the average timeframes through each stage. 

  1. Deposit to contract: Completion of deposit to contract signed progress tasks.

  2. Contract to site start: Completion of contract signed to site start progress tasks.

  3. Site start to handover: Completion of site start to handover progress tasks.

  4. Handover to end of maintenance: Completion of handover progress task to the Job maintenance end date.

  5. On hold: The start of the current on-hold period is used for the start of this stage. When the job comes off hold it falls back into the appropriate stage based on progress task completion.

1. New pages

Current Job Stages

See where your Jobs are currently for each pipeline. The current stage for a Job is the earliest stage in the pipeline which the Job has started but not completed. Drill through to Job Stage Details.

Job Stage Completions

Displays Job stage completions over time and average calendar days to completion.

Job Stage Details

See stage detail at the Job level.

2. Small additions and improvements

  • Selection Detail page:
    • Add Is Updated column.
    • Added Choose Anything Details drill through.
    • Added progress complete/incomplete filters, and removed last complete progress item.

  • Job Details page:
    • Added Client Email column.
    • Added Maintenance Coordinator and Supervisor to Job Details.

  • New columns added to price configuration tables: Area, Specification, Override Calculations. Relative price measure updated to honour Override Calculations flag.

  • NPS page: Add Job Created On filter.
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Constructive 5.37.1 – 3D Improvements

1 — 3D improvements: Material rendering, lighting and performance

In this release, we’ve greatly improved our 3D Selections product with the adaption of a new 3D shading material workflow. PBR (Physically Based Rendering) has created a more accurate and realistic rendering of materials.

Lighting has been enhanced to use luminosity and kelvins of real lights resulting in lights appearing physically correct. We’ve also added Bayonet lights (point lights) — light sources illuminate and cast shadows in all directions.

3D has been optimised for improved performance, increased frame rate and faster loading times (approximately 38.5% decrease in draw calls and approximately 11% decrease in GPU memory).

All these improvements make the 3D Selections experience faster, and more accurate, for your clients when considering selections, materials and colour schemes for their new homes.

2 — 3D – Auto-assign Pre-made Models

You now have the ability to auto-assign Pre-made Models depending on House Type and Elevation combinations — allocate kitchen styles and bathroom styles based upon your House Types.

Contact your Client Success Manager to find out more about setting up Pre-Made Models.

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Product Update Constructive 5.37

Constructive 5.37 – Customer Portal To Do List, UI Improvements

This release, we’re introducing a new module — To Do List. A free add-on to Customer Portal, To Do List is an actionable list of everything your clients need to do — now — to progress their home build.

1 — Customer Portal — To Do List

To Do List drives your clients to action their responsibilities. It removes the need to chase up clients manually, reducing delays and missed deadlines, saving you time and resources.

As clients action their To Dos, tasks move to an In Review state. Once you’ve checked their submission and marked it as complete it will be ticked off as Completed, improving customer experience by delivering a satisfying sense of progress.

For more information and a Demo of To Do List, please register your interest here: Customer Portal — To Do List

constructive customer portal builders to do list

2 — User Interface improvements

Client View — Changed order of Client Name and Job Number

In the Client View only, we’ve changed the order of the Job information in the top left-hand navigation to Client Name and Surname, Address and finally the Job Number. This small change helps clients feel valued as individual customers and not ‘just a number.’

Note Admin View retains the previous order of Job Number first for ease of administration.

Progress Emails Settings — Is Selections Visible

Previously, column 5 was titled ‘Is Prestart Created.’ We’ve updated this title to read ‘Is Selections Visible’ to be a more universal terminology.

Maintenance — Allow selection of a Unit Job Number if the Job is a Parent of other Jobs

In a Project Job, you can now select which Unit Job Number you are lodging maintenance defects for if the Job is a Parent of other Jobs.

3 — Bug fix: Area-specific package items now appear

We fixed a bug where packages/package items were missing when those Items had an area specified in a Package.

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Constructive 5.36

Constructive 5.36 — Selections Admin improvements

For this release, we’ve listened to your feedback on the Online Selections Admin screen and implemented many improvements to make your file preparation more efficient.

Please view the video below for an overview of the improvements within Constructive 5.36:

1 — Selections Admin screen improvements

Tick identifies selection made in a Group

Previously, in the Selections Admin screen, it was often difficult to identify where a selection had been made in a Group. Similar to Client View, you’ll now see a tick symbol to the right-hand side of a Group where a selection exists.

Selection Groups after a selection is made

When selecting or unselecting an item, Groups will no longer auto-expand and return you to the top of the area, removing the frustration if you need to make further changes. Now, when you leave a selection and come back, you’ll be returned to the selection made.

Select button and context menu User Interface updated

Previously, ticking a checkbox on the left hand side, (meant for Bulk Actions), could unintentionally be mistaken for selecting an Item (selecting an Item was previously achieved by clicking the 3-dot kebab menu and choosing Select).

To make this more obvious and user-friendly, we’ve created a Select/Unselect button — with it’s own arrow drop-down menu that replaces the previous 3-dot menu — that appears when you hover/highlight on each selection.

Please note: on iPad/Tablet devices, the Select/Unselect buttons will always be visible.

Bulk price override — Type ‘X‘ to delete and revert to original.

You can now type an ‘X‘ character in the edit box to delete your price override and revert back to the original pricing.

Auto-collapse sections

Sections in the Selections Admin screen now have auto-collapse behaviour, similar to Client View selections.

Packages multiple options ‘?‘ flag

As per Client View, you’ll now see a green ‘?‘ symbol to easily identify Packages that contain multiple options for a selection.

2 — Pricing — ‘Advanced Options’ removed and all Pricing options visible

You’ll now see all the Pricing options in one screen, removing the need for you to make an extra click. We’ve removed the ‘Advanced Options’ arrow that expanded access to set an item’s sell price as area-specific, set item pricing, or price bands, by specification, or override differential calculations.

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Constructive Product Update 5.35

Constructive 5.35 —Choose Anything full Item Library access, Online Selections User Interface improvements, New Settings features

1 — NEW: Online Selections — Choose Anything full Item Library access for Selections Consultants

You now have the ability on a Selection level to flexibly allow access to the full Constructive Item Library so Selection Consultants can choose anything as they wish.

For example, you might choose to allow any tapware from the Item Library, but carpets may remain restricted to certain brands.

When Choose Anything is activated, the full item library is available/searchable for that particular selection.

Please note:

  • This will not show to end clients.
  • Choose Anything selections prices are shown as Price Override.
  • Full Item Library access means Selections Consultants may search and select items that aren’t relevant to the selection.

For more information, please contact your Client Success Manager.

2 — Online Selections — User Interface improvements

  • NEW Previous button  Currently, when navigating their Online Selections journey, clients click ‘Next’ to step forward. We now have a new ‘Previous’ button to step clients backward so they no longer have to navigate back via the template list in the sidebar. Please note the behaviour of ‘Previous’ is the opposite of the ‘Next’ button — it will navigate back to the last selection visible to the user.
  • Re-direct to My Selections once the final Next button action is completed To improve clients’ user experience, when using the ‘Next‘ button to navigate through Online Selections in a guided way, when they reach the end of the process they’re now automatically redirected to My Selections rather than seeing a de-activated ‘Next‘ button.
  • Report header ‘Lot Address’ re-named to ‘Address’ Field label ‘Lot Address‘ has been re-named to ‘Address‘ to be applicable to all Jobs.
  • Accordion collapse by Company in Item Usage sidebar The Item Usage sidebar will now accordion collapse by Company for greater visual ease when reviewing usage of an item within companies and templates.
  • Type to search in Specification creation You can now type to search the Company/Business Unit/Brand you want to assign your specification to, saving time by no longer needing to scroll through the list.

3 — NEW: Settings features

  • Set Registration Email Delay You now have the option to delay the Registration Email within Settings by Number of Days.
  • Multiple Lines in Address display The Address field now supports multiple display lines. This is a great option if you wish to include your display locations, and/or don’t want to create new regions when you’re only looking to create multiple addresses. Similar to Opening Hours, each address is separated on an individual line and each new address begins with the address icon.
  • Maintenance Page Instructions update: Maintenance Pre-Locked and Post-Locked Info Messages You currently have an editable area in Settings / Portal / Maintenance called ‘Maintenance Page Instructions’ that appears on the client Maintenance landing page. We have introduced a new field that will display different content after Maintenance is ‘locked‘.

    Use this space to inform clients when they log in after the Maintenance Locked Date that they can no longer log issues, and educate them on what they should do about things that fall outside of the maintenance period, for example, structural warranties.

    Please note: Maintenance Page Instructions has been re-named to Maintenance Page Instructions – Pre-Locked. This is configured to appear before the Maintenance Ends On date.

    The new settings field is named Maintenance Page Instructions – Post Locked. This is configured to appear on and after Maintenance Ends On Date, and/or if Maintenance is ‘locked.’

4 — 3D Models — New column: Created On

We have a new, sortable column called Created On that sit alongside existing columns Model Type and Size.

Created On allows you to quickly sort and find your most recently loaded model.

5 — Bug Fixes

  • Messages You can no longer be sent an empty comment.
  • House Types When saving a house type after adding an area, if the Save button is double-clicked rapidly, it no longer results in duplicated house area.
  • Reports Fixed date discrepancies due to timezone differences.
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Constructive v 5.34

Constructive 5.34 —Maintenance admin improvements

We are constantly improving our software at Constructive and in this release, we’ve listened to your feedback and made many enhancements within the admin areas in our newest module, Maintenance, to create greater efficiencies and free-up your Maintenance team’s time.

1 — Maintenance – Wizard rules retained and default ‘Urgent’ issue types locked

When a client is entering a new Maintenance Issue and ‘skips’ the wizard, landing on the review before submitting page, your mandatory requirement rules (eg photo required) and default Urgent issue types are now retained.

2 — Maintenance – Auto-populate date on status change

When a defect’s status changes to ‘Assigned’, if the assigned date field is empty, the date now auto-populates to today’s date. (Previously, this had to be set manually).

3 — Role permissions update

Role types Maintenance Coordinator and Maintenance Supervisor cannot edit the Maintenance Wizard. They can add a contact to the Job.

4 — Maintenance – New date field: Maintenance Inspection

In Job Details, you can now record a date for a booked Maintenance Inspection.

5 — Maintenance – Duplicate an item

You now have the ability to duplicate a Maintenance item to make a copy to work from to save time. To duplicate a Maintenance item, simply click the 3-dot kebab menu on the item you wish to copy and select Duplicate.

6 — Maintenance – New filter: Assigned Contact

In your Maintenance Items Admin screen, you have a new filter available: Assigned Contact. Individual staff members can now filter to see all their clients’ defects in one place.

7 — Maintenance – New Issue Category

To assist with reporting, you can now classify issues by defect category: Defect Liability Period, Structural Warranty, Latent Defects, Extended Warranty or Outstanding PCI Item.

When an issue is logged, if it falls into the time period before the Maintenance Ends On date, it will be auto-assigned to Defect Liability Period. If the time period is after the Maintenance Ends On date, it will be blank — your Maintenance Coordinator, Maintenance Supervisor or Company Admin will need to manually assign an Issue Category in this instance.

8 — Maintenance – New Internal Note field

On the Maintenance Item admin screen, we’ve introduced a new text field called Internal Note. Clients cannot see this note, so you can use it to record information for your internal team that you don’t want clients to see.

9 — Bug fixes

  • Selection Template performance improvement — Performance improved on large Selection Templates load-time.
  • Maintenance – Issue Description field – Cursor no longer moves when client enters text.
  • Maintenance – Create another Job selection issue — When entering multiple issues against a job, you no longer have to re-select the Job.
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Constructive 5.33 —3D Cabinet door profiles, 3D performance improvements

We’ve continued to make improvements to 3D Selections in this release including new cabinet door profiles now available, enhancing and further tailoring the interactive visual understanding of design choices for your clients.

1 — NEW 3D Cabinet door profiles

You’re now able to include further detail to your cabinetry in 3D with cabinet door profiling. Once you have cabinet door profiles set up, clients can simply click the cabinetry and choose ‘Cabinet Profile’. Available door and drawer profile choices will appear at the bottom of the screen for clients to select and instantly visualise.

To set up 3D Cabinet door profiles, please contact your Client Success Manager.

2 — 3D performance improvements

This release contains further performance improvements to 3D Selections, including faster model loading.

3 — Azure AD – Signed-in user visibility

Company Admins now have the ability to see who is signing into Constructive with Azure AD — and who isn’t. This can help you discover any unused accounts or troubleshoot issues.

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Constructive 5.32 —Documents and Photos multiple upload

This release, we’ve continued to improve our Customer Portal by allowing you to bulk upload photos and documents and improving our Progress Template integrations.

1 — Documents bulk upload

You asked, we listened! Uploading documents one by one in the Job Details screen was frustrating when you had a large volume of documents. You can now save time by uploading multiple documents at once.

Please note, documents uploaded in bulk will appear in the same category selected from drop-down menu.

2 — Photos bulk upload

In the Job Details screen, you can now also upload photos to a Job in bulk.

Please note, photo bulk upload is only available from the Job Details screen. The Supervisor ‘Take Photo’ screen remains optimised for mobile phone photos taken on site.

3 — Progress Template integration improvements

We’ve continued to improve and streamline our Progress Template integrations.

4 — Bug Fixes

  • Shared documents are now removed in a Progress Task if a company document is removed.
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Constructive 5.31 —New Maintenance Features

We’ve continued to improve the capabilities within our new module, Maintenance, to make managing the warranty and defects phase easier for you while creating a better experience for your clients.

Constructive Maintenance — Efficient Defect Management: Reduce incoming emails and calls by empowering clients to log defects and keep informed of their status within your secure, custom-branded Maintenance Portal. Request a Demo >

1 — NEW Maintenance Internal Only comments

Sometimes you might want to make notes against defects you don’t want clients to see. You can now check the ‘Internal only’ checkbox before clicking ‘Send’.

Comments marked with the new checkbox, ‘Internal only’, are not visible to clients and no notifications are triggered.

2 — NEW Maintenance Status – ‘Awaiting Inspection’

Sitting between the existing statuses, ‘Created’ and ‘On Review’, is a new status named ‘Awaiting Inspection’.
Use this status to indicate an inspection is required before you will accept the defect.

3 — NEW Maintenance Job Role – ‘Maintenance Supervisor’

We have a new Maintenance Job Role you can choose to display to client as a Contact — ‘Maintenance Supervisor‘.

Please note this is a Job Role only, rather than a Security Role.

4 — NEW Maintenance Issue Type setting — ‘Unlocked’

Sometimes, you may have an Issue Type that has a warranty period that’s typically longer in duration than your standard Maintenance period. Any defects in this category you won’t want to fall into a ‘locked’ state after the standard Maintenance period officially ends as clients will still need to report them through their Maintenance Portal.

Unlocked Issue Types have permission to be logged after Maintenance defects have all been submitted, and/or after Maintenance is ‘locked.’

To set an Issue Type to ‘Unlocked,’ navigate to your wizard template, click the Issue Types tab and tick the Unlocked checkbox next to the Issue Type(s) you wish to unlock.

Note you will immediately receive an email notification if any defects are submitted under an Issue Type that has been unlocked.

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Constructive 5.29 — 3D Improvements, AD Authentication, Progress Screen Improvements

1 — 3D Improvements

We’ve greatly improved our 3D experience: faster access via high compression that reduces the size of 3D models while preserving the visual quality of your original models. Our high-quality rendering performance on both desktop and mobile devices is maintained.

2 — Active Directory (AD) Authentication

We’ve introduced Windows Active Directory (AD) Authentication protocols to enhance overall security that secures Constructive from unauthorised access. Streamlining user and rights management, AD Authentication simplifies your IT administration via Single Sign On (SSO) and enables authorised users and services to access Constructive securely.

Please contact your Client Success Manager if you’re interested in setting up AD Authentication.

3 — Progress Screen Improvements

We’ve updated the Customer Portal Progress screen design with auto-expanded educational descriptions of Progress Tasks not yet complete to provide greater visibility and encourage clients to read descriptions and view images and videos. It’s now simpler for clients to visually understand via the interface what has been completed on their build and what’s coming next.

Please note, completed Progress tasks will remain auto-expanded in the Progress screen for 7 days.

4 — 3D House Model ‘Secure’ Setting

From your feedback, we know some 3D house models are used as base models utilised across many jobs. To stop these being accidentally edited by Contract Admin users on one job and affecting them all, we’ve introduced a ‘Secure’ mechanism that only allows Company Admin users to edit or save changes to these models.

5 — Item Re-Naming Field Improvement

The Item description re-naming field has been made larger to display the full description text. It’s now easier to see what you’ve entered and reduces the chance of accidental typos.

6 — Bug fixes

3D Add Decoration Error Fixed ‘access denied’ error when Company Admin or Contract Admin adds decorations to a house model.

Disabled Message Notifications Fixed issue where disabling Job Emails from a client incorrectly disabled Message notifications to builder.

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Constructive 5.28 — Maintenance Submit, Maintenance Outstanding Items Report, Maintenance Builder Notification, Message Settings and Selections Template Improvements

1. NEW Maintenance Features

Constructive Maintenance — Efficient Defect Management: Reduce incoming emails and calls by empowering clients to log defects and keep informed of their status within your secure, branded Maintenance Portal. Request a Demo >

Maintenance Submit
When a client has completed logging their Maintenance issues, they can now click a ‘Submit’ button and send you a final list of defects.

Once submitted, a client’s Maintenance is set as ‘locked’ which means clients can no longer add new defects and are displayed an advisory warning message. Clients may still review their issues and add additional information to these, if required.

Maintenance Outstanding Items Report
Once Maintenance issues are submitted as detailed above, a Maintenance Outstanding Items Report —with your logo — is automatically triggered to be emailed to both your nominated contact in your building company, for instance, your Maintenance Supervisor, as well as your client. It is also auto-generated and emailed when the Maintenance period ends on a job.

This useful report allows you to conveniently review all the currently outstanding Maintenance items that have not been completed and have not been rejected by you.

The Outstanding Items Report details each outstanding defect, plus its location, when it was created, thumbnails of any images included and an indication if the issue is urgent.

Constructive Maintenance outstanding items report

Maintenance Builder Notification
We’ve added an automatic email notification to update you when a client adds a message or makes a change to a Maintenance item, so you won’t miss any activity and can action anything required right away!

Maintenance (Optional) Requires Attachment
We know you need thorough information about a defect before you can adequately take action, so we’ve added an optional setting requiring clients to append an attachment (for example, a photo) before they can log the issue. You can choose during setup which issues, if any, will require attachments before your company will accept them for review.

Maintenance Dates
Recording key dates against each job for Maintenance events for your records and to automate functionality to make the maintenance period more efficient for your team — plus the generation of data for reporting and filtering.

2. Message Settings Improvements

All Job Statuses and all Job Role types are now included in the drop-down selections in Message Settings.

3. Selection Template Item Selection Search/Filter Relocated

To make adding text and/or images in the free content area in an Item Selection more efficient for clients, we’ve relocated the search/filter bar from above the content box to directly above the selections.

4. Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Access Denied error when copying Selections from one job to another
  • Deleted jobs will not receive progress updates
  • Fixed Selections Submit report to correctly show Notes
  • Removed Show Builder/Client Notes from Report generation modal pop-up and added “Show Builder Notes” to selection layouts.
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Intelligence 2.1 — Engagement Page Enhancements, Registrations and Notifications Engagement Sub-Page, Further Retail Reference Prices

1. Engagement Page Enhancements

We’ve released several enhancements to the Engagement page to help you monitor engagement over time, as well as views and time in Modules:

  • Engagement by Month table
  • Page Views by Module and Minutes in Module per Job
  • New Registrations & Notifications sub-page
    This new sub-page now houses Registration-related visuals. There are also three new data points included:
average days to registration by business unit

Average Days to Registration — See how long it takes on average for clients to register and use this to work towards improving speed of client registration.

clients registered within 30 days

Clients Registered Within 30 Days — Monitor how many clients register within a 30-day period.

Average Days Since Last Notification — Use this to ensure clients are being updated on a regular basis.

2. Price Configuration, Selection Price Reference

Retail price references have now been added from suppliers, Winnings and Reece.

3. Minor Updates

  • Switch between Brand and Business Unit in by Brand visuals throughout the report via the new buttons.
  • Added Days Since Last Notification column to the Job Details table.
  • Added Sales Agent to Job Details.
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Constructive 5.27 — New Client Emails, Additional Report Filters for Client and Builder Notes

1. NEW Client Emails Card

The new Client Emails card displays to your clients all emails on their job sent to them from the Portal. This will enhance your customer experience through transparent communication, digitally collating all email communications a client has received in one place — no more searching through inboxes and folders to find a past email.

Emails are displayed in a chronologically descending list and detail the subject, date and who the email was sent to, along with the contents of the email.

Please note:

  1. Client Emails are turned off by default. If you’d like to utilise this new feature, please contact your CSM to turn Client Emails on in Settings.
  2. Only emails with the following successful statuses will appear in the list: SentProcessedDeliveredOpened
  3. Client Emails won’t show email sending statuses to your clients.

2. Selections Reports – Additional filters for Client and Builder Notes

There are two new checkbox filters available in the existing Selections Reports. You can now choose to include any choice that has a Note attached, helping you further curate bespoke, purpose-customised reports.

Please note:

  1. Client and Builder Notes report checkbox filters are selected on by default. For example, if you wish to exclude items with Client Notes attached, please unselect the checkbox before creating your report.
  2. You can select one, or both, Client Note and/or Builder Note.

3. Selections Reports — Mood Board Format combines same item within the same selection group

If the same item has been selected multiple times in the same selection group, it will now combine into one entry, creating a more succinct and organised Mood Board Report.

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Constructive Update 5.26

Constructive 5.26 — New Selections Tab, Bulk Changes, View by Area and View by Layout

1. NEW Selections Tab

Within the Jobs card, the Selections tab is now its own main category within the grey-coloured section located at the top of the screen, (previously in the Job Details tab). It displays the same selections details as previous.

selections tab

2. NEW Bulk Changes, View by Area and View by Layout

You asked – we listened! The new Selections Admin tab has been created to maximise efficiencies to make your work faster, easier and less complicated while setting up jobs for your clients.

Please view the following video for a summary of this new tab and the new bulk changes updates.

Note: The Client Selections tab shown in the video has since been renamed to Selections Admin.

selections admin tab

Selections Admin tab You’ll now rarely need to go into Client View as you can select items, add builder notes, bulk override prices and bulk hide choices — all directly within the new Selections Admin tab.

Bulk changes Make changes in bulk all at once. Select all within a group, or multiple individual choices and click the Bulk Actions button at the top right of the screen. You can now also bulk hide and bulk show choices for clients.

Change the view by Area Work through selections in an Area as required.

Change the view by Layouts As per the same views as set up in your Reports, for example, Client Selections, Addenda, Painter or Construction Schedule.

Live selections editing There is no need to hit ‘Save.’ Constructive will auto-save your changes as you go along, similar to auto-save when in Client View.

Quants in the same screen For changes to quants as you go, you can easily navigate to the Quants tab within the same screen. Note you will still need to Save and Reload Selections when making changes to quants to ensure everything is up-to-date.

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact your CSM.

3. Bug fixes

  • Reload Selections now correctly automatically deletes items.
  • Progress emails are no longer sent when updated as complete regardless of completion date.
  • You are now able to select child job after switching between parent jobs.
  • You can now create new users with an existing username.
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Constructive Update 5.25

Constructive 5.25 — CC Email Setting

1. NEW CC Email Address Setting

You now have the ability to CC all emails to a global email address, helpful for systems infrastructure that requires CC, rather than BCC.

You can find this new option under Settings, General above the existing BCC Email Address.

Please note, you can only CC or BCC, not both.

cc email address

2. Bug Fixes

Users are no longer incorrectly auto-locked when linked to cancelled jobs
If a user was linked to both cancelled and uncancelled jobs, (and the setting had been turned on to auto-lock users linked to cancelled jobs), they were still being locked, despite having a live job. This is now fixed.

Duplicating housetype no longer includes deleted areas
Deleted housetype areas are now no longer incorrectly copied over when a house type is duplicated.

.obj Model processing scaling of UVs
New model processing texture scaling issues fixed.

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Constructive Intelligence Analytics Update 2.0

Intelligence 2.0 — New Selections Log, Selections Price Reference, New Variation Cost Page

1. NEW Selections Log

Selections Log, a new feature of Intelligence 2.0, displays a log of selected, unselected and price change events, allowing you to monitor exactly what clients are selecting and changing their minds about.

Please note:

  1. The log is based on selections history snapshotted each night, so details of selection changes within a day are not available.
  2. For unselected events, Selections Made By is not available.

2. Selections Price Reference

An addition to the Price Configuration page, this new table allows you to see your selection template choice prices and assess them against both your standard in-spec pricing as well as an average retail price.

Here’s how you can get the most out of the Selections Price Reference table:

  1. Filter by a single Specification to show the Relative Price — which is the choice price relative to the standard in-spec item price.
  2. The Reference Price column shows the average retail price across the supplier retail price data Constructive has acquired.
    Please note: Currently, retail price data is via supplier The Blue Space. We will be adding more suppliers in the coming months.
  3. Use the Price Reference button to show item choices where a retail price reference is available or use the Price Above Reference button to show item choices where the Relative Price is above the average Reference Price. Drill through to see the details of the reference prices.

3. NEW Variation Cost Page

The new Variation Cost page gives you deeper visibility into variations so you can analyse and review the differences from various business units, brands, jobs, selections and items — as well as identify when variations occur after the Selections Appointment, helping you recognise where you can create efficiencies, increase upgrade income and improve processes.

  • Analyse the variation cost across jobs.
  • See the difference in variation cost from Selections Appointment Complete to Selections Finalised.
  • Break down the variation cost difference by Business Unit, Brand, Selection, Item and Job.
  • Drill-through to a log of selection changes (snapshotted nightly).

Please note, variation difference analysis requires the following progress tasks completed on jobs:

  1. Selections Appointment completed. Dates are taken from the progress task matching the name in Constructive Settings: Selections: Prestart Meeting Progress Item Name.
  2. Selections Finalised. Completed dates are taken from manually identified progress tasks, usually named “Final Documents” or “Final Plans.” If you believe the incorrect progress task has been used, please contact your CSM.

    variation cost selections finalised
    variation difference

4. Navigation Changes

  • Top Choice Groups page is now a button on Top Item Choices page.
  • Top Items by Upgrade Price and Top Selection Groups by Upgrade % pages moved to visuals on the Selection Upgrades page.
  • Price Overrides page is now a button on Price Configuration page.

5. Minor Changes

  • Added new counts to the Photos page showing the count of Construction jobs that have no photos added in 30 days, 90 days and 180 days.
  • Added Last Photo Added On column to Job Details table.
  • Added option to show Photos by Client Liaison.
  • Added Client Email column to Selection Detail table.
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Constructive Update 5.24

Constructive 5.24 — 3D Improvements

1. 3D – Speed improvements

We have improved frame rate and initial loading performance, translating into a substantially smoother, faster experience for your clients making selections in 3D, (via an approximate 80% decrease in transferred and download resources, and a 52% decrease in GPU draw calls).

2. NEW Internal 3D – Optional wider lens view for internal cameras

Previously, smaller rooms — such as a laundry, or ensuite — were difficult to view in full when visualising Selections in 3D. You now have the option of increasing the field of view of internal cameras to show more of the room and help your clients gain a better visual understanding of the space.

Once you have set up your cameras, simply click the magnifying glass to activate the wider lens view.

wider angle lens internal 3d

3. NEW 3D – Auto-correction of house model rotation during IFC processing

Often, loaded IFC models may be pre-rotated in 3D programs, such as Archicad or Revit, to mimic block direction.

Constructive 3D will now automatically retrieve the angle and apply rotation to your model to face true North, reducing common Internal and External 3D rotation issues, such as incorrect floor tile direction.

IFC model rotation

4. Internal 3D – Model Mapping – Add Area to Model Mapping Template

You can now add an Area to your Model Mapping Template within Internal 3D. Please contact your Client Success Manager for set up and training.

5. Bug Fixes

3D – Model Edit – Missing roof visibility correction
If your 3D model has loaded with part of the roof missing, you now have the ability to fix this in the Model Edit screen.

Please ensure the roof is mapped to the correct dimension type of ColorbondColorbond Roof or Roof Tiles as per your Selection Template. Once the dimension type is added, click on the three-dot kebab menu on the missing item and select Fix missing roof parts.

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Constructive Intelligence Analytics 1.9

Intelligence 1.9 — New Online Engagement KPI: Percentage of Client Selections before Appointment

1. NEW Percentage of Client Selections before Appointment

Intelligence 1.9 features a new Online Engagement KPI showing you the percentage of the client visible Selections that were selected by a client up to one day before the Selections Appointment Completion date. This is averaged across jobs which have completed their Selections Appointment.

With this data, you can benchmark your results and strive to increase your percentage to reduce the amount of time spent in the Selections appointment and speed up the pre-Construction process.

Percentage of Client Selections before Appointment is now available on the Online Engagement KPIs page, with history from 3 February, 2023.

percentage client selections prior to appointment

2. Other Updates

  • Percentage of Client Selections before Appointment added to the Metrics for active jobs on the Engagement page.
  • Percentage of Client Selections before Appointment added to Job Details.
  • 180 day historical rank added to Online Engagement KPIs page.
  • Added a drill-through from Documents per job by Client Liaison to Job Document Details.
  • Selections by Month page now shows the last two years by default.
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Constructive Intelligence Analytics Update 1.8

Intelligence 1.8 — Selections Timeframes

Intelligence 1.8 features a new Selections Timeframes page, providing you with data to benchmark and monitor your completions over time so you can look at ways to speed up your clients’ journeys to completing Selections and assess Selections Consultant performance.

1. NEW Selections Timeframes

The new Selections Timeframes page tracks the counts of Selections Appointment completions over time and the number of days until Selections are finalised. 

Please note: To display meaningful data on the Selections Timeframes page, you must have Progress implemented and maintained on jobs in Constructive, including completion dates for Selections Appointment and Selections Finalised Final Documents Final Plans tasks.

View the Selections Appointment Count by Finalised Timeframe: Same Day, or within 15, 30, 60 and 90 day time-frames. You can also drill-through to Job Details.

selections appointment count

Intelligence can help you monitor Selections Consultant performance. View the Average Days to Selections Finalised by Selections Consultant, and over time.

average days to selections finalised
selections not finalised

2. Other Updates

  • Online Engagement KPIs Added Average Day to Selections Finalised KPI.
  • Engagement page The Active Client count is now a monthly display, showing the last 6 months, (previously daily, showing the last 30 days).
  • Job Details new columns Selections Available to Client OnSelections First Locked OnSelections Finalised On and Days to Selections Finalised.
  • Documents page You can now switch between Documents per Job by Contract and by Client Liaison.
  • Surveys Surveys with non responses rate will now show on the Response Rate by Survey Name chart.
  • Discontinued Item Selections table Added a new Manufacturer column.
  • Selection Details Added a new Product Code filter.
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Constructive Update 5.22

Constructive 5.22 — Selections Reports Notes Titles, Item Suggested Changes, Item Suggested Discontinued

1. Selections Reports — Notes Titles
As a Builder admin, you can now customise Notes Titles for inclusion in Selections Reports. For example, you might configure the Notes Title to be Builder or Admin — or choose to have no Notes Title at all.

To ensure this Note Title appears on your Selections Report, navigate to Settings / Selections / Reports, and tick Client Selections Report Admin Note Title and/or Client Selections Report Client Note Title.

notes titles inclusion

2. Items — New actions: Suggested Changes and Suggest Discontinued

Previously, you would need to go through the Item Library or submit a support ticket to suggest changes to items or indicate their discontinuation.

Now, to speed up the process, you can suggest a change of image or information — or suggest an item has been discontinued — directly within your Selection template in Constructive.

Click the 3-dot kebab menu on the right of an item’s line to select Suggest Changes or Suggest Discontinuation. Your suggestion will be delivered directly to your Client Success Manager for review.

items suggestions discontinued

3. Items — New actions filter: Item Suggested Status

You can now filter items by Item Suggested Status to view by Change or Discontinued.

item status

4. Bug Fixes

Selections – Price Text Override: My Selections and Reports now display both the price (non-zero) and custom text.

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Constructive Update 5.21

Constructive 5.21 — New Notifications Emails, House Type Dimension Ordering and Admin Improvements

1. Notifications — Low Selections Reminder Weekly Email
Automate a weekly follow-up to keep your clients’ Selections process moving rapidly with the new Low Selections Reminder — a customised, branded email reminding clients to make Selections if they have less than 20 Selections chosen. The email goes out once a week on a Monday and can be toggled on or off.


2. Notifications — New 3D Model Notification Daily Email
Keep track of what’s changed with the new 3D Model Notification email — a summary of new models as well as what has changed on existing models. The email is sent daily to Contract Administrators and can be toggled on or off.

3d model notification email example

3. House Type Admin — Dimension Ordering Within Areas and Dimension Order
You can now drag and drop Dimensions within Areas (reflected in Job Details Quants) to easily re-order to suit your workflow. This is especially useful when you have Selections in multiple Areas and you’d like to guide clients through these in a particular order. For example, selecting a benchtop first in the kitchen, then the laundry, then the bathroom.

4. House Type Admin — Area Duplication
Quickly duplicate areas by clicking the 3-dot ‘kebab’ icon on the right and choosing Duplicate.

duplicate modal

5. Emails — Resend to a New Email Address
Need to re-send an email to a new email address not previously used? Now you can conveniently send on an existing email to someone new by clicking the re-send button and typing their email address into the new input field.

6. Job Contacts — New Construction Manager Job Contact
Construction Manager has been added to the Job Contact roles for your clients to communicate with.

construction manager role

7. Selection Reports — Available Items Report Pop-Up
Customise your reports to suit your needs. The Available Items Report now shows a Pop-Up modal box where you can tick what price type(s) you’d like to include before generating the report.

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Constructive Intelligence Analytics Update 1.7

Intelligence 1.7 — Selection History and Appointment Complete Filter

Intelligence 1.7 is focused on the new Selection History feature, a daily snapshot of the history of items chosen for a Selection, now accessible directly from Intelligence.

Has a Selection accidentally been chosen? Use Selection History to go back and find what the previous Selection was without having to contact your client — or your Constructive CSM.

Easily double-check any errors that come up on site by viewing the history of previous Selections.

1. NEW Selection History

Drill through from Selection Detail to the new Selection History to view a daily snapshot of items chosen.

job history drill through
selection history

Please note the following Selection History limitations:

  • Selections which didn’t have an item selected in the most recent snapshot will not be available in the table; therefore, their history will not be available in the report.
  • History snapshots are taken each evening, so details of Selections made within a day are not available.
  • It’s not possible to determine who unselected an item.

2. NEW Selection Appointment Complete Filter

This new filter can be found on the Selection Detail page, allowing you to quickly view selections for jobs that have not completed their Selection appointment.

Note the default filter setting is “True” — unselect “True” to display Selections for all jobs.

If you don’t use the Progress module, or your progress template does not include a Selection Appointment task, this filter will instead filter jobs whose Selections are locked.

selection appointment complete filter

3. Other Updates

  • Added column Elevation to Job Details and Selection Detail.
  • Added column Price Override Text to Selection Detail table.
  • Added a Job filter to the Selection Detail page.

4. Bug Fixes

  • Fixed hover tooltip incorrectly displaying Price Overrides on multiple selections pages.
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Constructive Intelligence Analytics update 1.6

Intelligence 1.6 — Price Overrides and Price Configuration

all prices configuration

Features: Price Overrides, Price Configuration

Intelligence 1.6 features two new pages:

Price Overrides, useful to identify items whose price is regularly overridden, (to a dollar figure or to standard), and may need their price configuration updated.

Price Configuration, allowing you to view, filter and export price configuration.

These pages will give you greater insight into the pricing manually entered during Selections and old pricing requiring updates. If any duplicate pricing exists, Constructive automatically alerts you via email.

We’ve also added an Overall NPS card to the NPS page and updated the Engagement page with a new date range filter to allow you to filter Page Views by Progress Completion and Module.

1. NEW Price Overrides

The new Price Overridden table highlights items that have been most often overridden to a dollar figure when selected.

price overridden table

Hover over a row in the table to see a tree map distribution of the override prices.

tree map

The Overridden to Standard table highlights items which have been most often overridden to $0 when selected.

overridden to standard table

Right-click in either table to drill through to the override selection detail.

drill through

2. NEW Price Configuration

View, filter and export price configuration. Hover over a row in a table to see the Template Selections the item appears in.

There are three views of price configuration available:

  • All Prices – Displays all current price configuration.
  • Duplicate Prices – Current item price entries where there is one or more identically configured price entry. Ideally, there should be no two price entries for an item with the same Business Unit, Brand, Region, Dimension Type and House Type combination.
  • Aged Prices – Current prices sorted by the number of months since they were last updated. Use the Price Age Months filter to view prices older than a specified number of months.

3. Other Updates

NPS page: Now features an overall NPS card.

Engagement page: We’ve added a Page View date range filter to allow you to filter Page Views by Progress Completion and Module.

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